How To Call A Goat?

People are raising goats from a long time ago for various reasons. For example, people are raising goats as pets, for milk, for their coats or for goat meat.

If you are raising goats as pets or for business purposes, then you should know how to call a goat. Domesticated goats can be fun. And they are enjoyable pets who usually interact well with all members of the family.

How to Call A Goat

Goats are very intelligent. If you give your goats sufficient motivation, then they will learn how to come when they are called. This hoofed creatures have a short and bleating call, which they use to communicate with you or other goats in your herd.

It requires a certain amount of practice and consistent repetition for teaching a goat to come to you when you call it. Trained goats can respond to whatever call the owner reinforced while they were young goats or kids. However, most of the time replicating the sound goats make will grab their attention.


A lonely goat is more likely to bond quickly with you who does not have any companionship, and it will come to you when called. But a lonely goat doesn’t live happily, grow well and it is not the best situation for the goat.

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And it will be difficult to single out one individual goat within a herd of goats. Training a whole herd of goats to come when they are called will be difficult than training a couple of goats.

Tame Goats

It will be difficult to teach a mostly unhandled or feral goat. On the other hand, it is much easier to train a tame goat to come when they are called.

Personality and socialization level of your goat in reference to humans is going to be one of the deciding factors in determining whether the goat learns to come to you and how quickly it decides to do so.

Teaching Goats

You can start teaching your goats to come to you by calling them every time you go to their enclosure or pasture. Use treats and affection to reward your goats if they come to you, either because they want to or because you called them.

Every time give your goat small reward (a hug or something tasty to eat), when you say your goat’s name and it is with you. Your goats will quickly learn to associate their name with a reward and will start looking for the treat when they hear it. Thus you can train your goats.


Goats will behave in manners that benefit them, as they are very simple animals. So, ensure that your goats benefit from coming to you every time when you call them. This is the easiest way to teach your goats to come when you call them.

Some goats also will be happy with being petted as a reward for coming, and treats are the most effective reward for some goats. Ensure that you only give treats to your goats when they are behaving the way you want them to, if you are using treats for training your goats.

Listen to the sound that goats make when communicating with each other and observe which calls or sounds attract the fellow goats. You can replicate that noise yourself for calling your goats.

Shaking some grain in a tin can is also a way for attracting or calling your goats. When they come to you feed them. This system will positively reinforce your goats to come to you.

Keep continue doing this until you can simply make the goat like calling without shaking the food can. The system of how to call a goat is totally depends on you. You can use your own methods for calling your goats.

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