How To Attract Roosters (Best Steps For Beginners)

Roosters have colorful feathers, combs and wattles. They are absolutely very beautiful and it’s very pleasuring to watch the activities of a rooster on your backyard. But do you know, how to attract roosters when they escaped from their coop.

Some people find it very difficult to catch an escaped rooster. But if you know what they like, then it will be much easier for getting back your escaped roosters where they belong.

How To Attract Roosters

Here we are describing about how to attract roosters. You can also see this webpage, how to catch a rooster.


Good foods attract all types of animals and birds. Roosters are not exception, they also like to have free or easy meal. Food and eating have highest priorities in your rooster’s life.

Keep sufficient amount of feed in a specific area where you want to lure your roosters. And ensure that they are not getting enough food from other sources.

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After a certain period your roosters will be hungry and they will follow their stomach. So, keep adequate amount of feed in the area where you want to have the rooster. Keep feed available for them until you have successfully attracted them.


If feeds can’t attract your roosters then use hens. Because roosters are highly attracted to their hens. In case of getting your escaped roosters, keep your hens in a specific area or in a chicken coop where you want to attract them. Roosters love female company very much and most of them will be drawn by the appeal of hens.

They always want to be with a flock of hens and it’s their natural behavior. You can also attract a lonely rooster by promising him company of hens. Funny ha! :). That’s the most useful tricks for attracting roosters.

Cozy Environment

Usually roosters bed down after sundown. There are numerous birds of prey, harmful animals and predators. So roosters always want to roost in a safe and secure place at night.

Provide the roosters a safe, comfortable and easily accessible roosting place like chicken coop and allow his instincts to draw him into it. If you keep food, water and some hens in the roosting place, then the roosters will likely be more attracted to it. Thus you can attract a rooster and catch him.


Chickens and roosters like red color very much. And they are usually easily attracted to the red color. Both hens and roosters have red colored combs and wattles and they use these for having potential mates. And the appeal of red color spills over into other aspects of their existence.

Paint the area where you want to have your roosters with bright and shiny red color. Your escaped roosters will easily be attracted with the color you will be able to catch them.

These are the simple methods of attracting a rooster. Let me know if you know more effective methods.

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