How To Catch A Rooster When It Escape

Catching a rooster when it gets out of it’s coop is sometime funny and sometimes very difficult for you or the bird. It’s rarely fun to catch an escaped rooster.

Roosters who are out of chicken coop are vulnerable to attacks from various types of predators. If they aren’t in the same coop as your hens are, the roosters can’t do their job and you will not be able to get any fertile eggs.

How To Catch A Rooster

It’s very important to catch the escaped rooster and return him to his coop as soon as possible for preventing the accidental injury or loss of your bird. Learn how to catch a rooster when it gets out of it’s coop.

Coop Training

Train your chickens to return to their coop every night. By proper training, they will return to their coop when they escape. Make your rooster understand that fresh food, clean water, comfortable place and hens are readily available for him inside his coop.

Increase the number of feeders or available food sources from where your rooster has escaped. Always provide feeds to your bird inside the chicken coop. Open the door of the chicken coop and allow the rooster back inside during feeding period.

Never feed your rooster outside of the coop. And never let him to think that food is available anywhere in your backyard. It’s only available inside the coop.

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Make sure that you keep all your hens with the rooster inside the coop. Because roosters have tend to be very fond of their lady friends. Hahaha! And never let another roosters get inside your chicken coop.

If any rooster escape from the coop, wait until he wants to go back inside the coop to get to the hens and then open the door and let him back in.

Roosting Rooster

Chickens usually go to roost at night. So, it will be very easy for you to catch a rooster when he is asleep. Find out your sleeping rooster and softly grab him. Hold both of his wings down and this will prevent him from flapping or flying away.

Place a net or blanket over the rooster to trap him if you don’t feel uncomfortable or safe catching your rooster with hands only. Then hold him securely and transport him inside the coop.

You can also try to catch the rooster with net or blanket when he is awake. But in most cases an alert rooster tends to see the net or blanket coming and it will be harder to capture him.

You can also wear hand gloves, protective eyewear and long sleeve clothing while capturing your escaped rooster. During catching a rooster if he struggles then his beak and spurs can hurt you. So, be very careful.

Use Rooster Catching Tools

There are some tools available that can be used for catching the escaped roosters. You can use a poultry pole (poultry hook) for catching roosters. The hook slips over one of rooster’s legs and then pull the rooster to you.

You can also use a long handled net for catching the rooster. Most people use a net for catching. But a net will not be too useful to you if your rooster still has his leg spurs. Because spurs are very sharp and your roosters can easily cut the net with their spurs.

It’s really very tough to catch a feral rooster. But the roosters who are very comfortable with humans and well trained for accepting human handling are much easier to catch them.

Spend some time with your birds regularly and watch their activities. Spend some time with your rooster also for handling and interacting with them on a regular basis so that if he escapes, he views you as a food source rather than a frightening predator.

A tame rooster usually become gentle and obedient to you if you take good care of him. And if he escape anyhow, then you will be able to catch him easily.

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