Do You Know Why Do Roosters Have Wattles

Every creatures have some special characteristics for recognizing their male and female ones. Roosters are not an exception. They also have some special characteristics through which you can easily recognize them. Combs and wattles are the most notable part of a rooster’s body.

Large sized, bright colored and shiny wattles indicate good health and it also help the roosters to have potential mates with hens. Usually roosters with small and poor colored wattles are ignored by the hens. Hens like and give priority to the roosters who have large, bright colored and shiny wattles.

Why Do Roosters Have Wattles

You might thinking what is a wattle and why do roosters have wattles? Don’t worry much about it. Here we are describing about the wattle and the reasons of why do roosters have wattles.

What Is A Wattle?

If you have young roosters in your flock which are not mature, then you may have noticed the red fleshy growth below their chin developing according to their age.

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This red colored, fleshy growth underneath your rooster’s chin is called wattle. It is similar in color and consistency with their distinctive red colored comb which is located on the top of your rooster’s head.

Almost all roosters of every chicken breed have comb and wattle. Although comb and wattle have variety in color, shape, size and growth depending on the rooster’s breed. However, read the functions of a wattle and why do your roosters have wattles.

Functions of Wattles

Functions of the wattles are mentioned below.

Blood Flow

Rooster’s combs and wattles have numerous functions and usages. Blood circulation around their head is the most important and essential functions of the wattles.

Roosters use their comb and wattles for cooling their blood, which directly help them to keep their body temperatures down during hot weather especially in summer season.


Good shaped, colored, bright and shiny wattles indicate good health of your roosters. A rooster with faded, discolored, black or blue colored wattles is probably suffering by any diseases or it may have other health problems.

If you notice any change of your rooster’s wattle color or shape, then contact with your nearest vet as soon as possible to have him checked out.


Roosters attract hens for mating by using their colorful and large wattles. And hens like the roosters who have large sized and bright wattles. Hens don’t like and usually ignore the roosters who have discolored, faded or small sized wattles.

Roosters with bright and large wattles also have a strong influences in the chicken community. You can also identify some breeds by their wattle’s shape, size or color. And it’s very pleasuring to watch the activities of a rooster with beautiful wattles.

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