Learn More About Different Body Parts Of Chicken

Different chicken breeds contain some special characteristics. And the the characteristics of different body parts of chicken contain the behavior of different generation of chicken.

The farmer who wants to raise chicken commercially must have to know about the characteristics of different body parts of chicken. Meat and egg of chicken are very necessary and popular food of human.

Meat and egg production of chicken highly depends on their body size and structure.

So, it is very important to have good knowledge about external parts of chicken with the introduction of their breeds. Because we can define productive and non-productive breeds by their body size and parts.

For example- different types of chicken breeds have different sized and colored comb in their head. Some breeds contain single comb, some have rose comb and some breeds with pea comb.

Similarly ear lobe, feather, skin, wings etc. also are of different types of various breeds. So, body parts of chicken helps to know about that breed and their variant. We can also determine healthy and unhealthy chicken by following the body parts of chicken.

Body Parts Of Chicken

Small description of different important body parts of chicken are described below.


Comb is a small ice of meat above the chickens head. Various chicken has about 8 types of comb. In general we know about single comb, rose comb and pea comb. We can differentiate cock and hen by their comb. The comb of cock is slightly bigger than hen comb.


The nostril of chicken is near on the joint place of beak and comb.


Beak of chicken is on the front side of head. It is very strong and suitable to collect crop from the ground.


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The chicken has two bright eyes. We can identify if they are healthy or not by their eyes.

Ear Lobe

The hanging skin from chicken ear is known as ear lobe. There are various colored ear lobe of chicken. We can see light red, deep red and white colored ear lobe of chicken.


The soft meat hanging from the two side of chicken beak is known as wattle. It is also of various colored.


The chicken has two wings. With those wings they can fly slightly. They have some feather in their wings which are suitable for flying. This feathers are known as primary feather. They have about 10 primary feather. We can’t see those if they do not spread their wings.


Both cock and hen has a tail. The feather of tail of cock get curved to down when it become big sized and it looks like a sickle. Hens are of different typed. So, we can differentiate between hen and cock by their tail.


Closet and eggs of chicken come out from the vent of chicken. Sperm also come out from the vent of chicken.


The chicken has a pair of leg and every leg contain four small and big sized claw.

These are the body parts of a chicken. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck!

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