Scots Dumpy Chicken Characteristics & Temperament

Scots Dumpy chicken is a dual purpose breed which originated in the Highlands of Scotland. It is a very ancient native breed of Scotland.

In the early 20th century Scots Dumpy chickens were known by many different names. Such as Bakies, Creepies, Dadlies, Hoodies or Stumpies.

They were first exhibited in London in 1852. And they are one of two traditional fowl of Scotland, with the Scots Grey chicken.

Scots Dumpy chicken has four main color varieties, which are Black, Cuckoo, Dark and Silver-Grey. Although some other color varieties have been developed recently.

There is also a bantam variety of this chicken breed. Scots Dumpy chicken is a rare breed now. They are classed as an endangered breed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Review characteristics, behavior and full breed profile of Scots Dumpy chicken below.

Scots Dumpy Chicken Physical Characteristics

Scots Dumpy chicken has long been favored for its unique look and funny duck-like waddle gait. The breed has a very heavy body and waddle as they walk due to their very short legs.

Due to such short little legs the breed is easy on the garden being less able to scratch deep into soil, though they love to forage and do well free ranging. They are low birds with long broad bodies. They are large in size and have a deep breast. They have medium sized neatly tucked wings.

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The tail of Scots Dumpy chicken is long and flowing and they have a fine head. Their eyes are large and bright, and the beak is curved. They have four toes, and legs are very short. Their face is smooth and have a medium sized single comb which is upright and serrated.

Scots Dumpy chickens have small earlobes and medium sized wattles. Standard Scots Dumpy roosters weight about 7 pounds and hens about 6 pounds. And the bantam roosters weight about 1 and a 3/4 pounds and hens about 1 and a 1/2 pounds. Photo from BackyardChickens.


Scots Dumpy chickens are good utility birds suitable for both meat and eggs production. They are quiet and placid birds which are well suited to cold climates. As their legs are very short, so they require nice easy ground to live on.

They do get fat easily, so you have to be careful while feeding them. They are great foragers and very suitable for free range poultry farming system. Chicks are not able to cope with regular sized high feeders and drinkers. So they need special feeding and drinking care. They should also be kept off wet grass as they chill easily.

Hens are early and prolific layers and lay good amount of off-white to tinted colored eggs. Hens are also good winter layers. Broodiness varies widely in this breed, with some hens set continually and others never brooding.

But in most cases, Scots Dumpy hens are wonderful sitter and is an ideal mother. Review full breed profile of Scots Dumpy chicken below.

Breed NameScots Dumpy
Other NameBakies, Creepies, Dadlies, Hoodies or Stumpies
Breed PurposeDual Purpose (Meat & Eggs)
Breed TemperamentCalm, Friendly, Quiet, Easily Handled
Breed SizeLarge
Climate ToleranceAll Climates/ Cold Hardy
Egg ColorOff-White to Tinted
Egg SizeLarge
Egg ProductivityMedium
Feathered LegsNo
RarityRare (They are classed as an endangered breed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust)
VarietiesFour main color varieties: Black, Cuckoo, Dark and Silver-Grey (although, some other color varieties have been developed recently)
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom

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