List of Duck Breeds

Like most other domestic poultry species, the ducks have many breeds. And most of the duck breeds are derived from the wild Mallard ducks. And a few number of birds are descendants of the Muscovy Duck. Birds are very beautiful creation of nature. And ducks are also very beautiful bird. There are many domestic duck breeds available around the world. Among those duck breeds some are popular for meat production, some are famous for eggs production, some are good for exhibition purposes, some are raised as ornamental birds and some ducks are raised as pets. Ducks are classified into four groups; Bantam, Light, Medium and Heavy Weight. Domestic ducks are kept for specific purposes. Some ducks are good for meat, some are good for eggs. Even there are some duck breeds available which are good both purposes. Those ducks are called dual purpose ducks. Some ducks are suitable for eggs, meat, show and pets. However, here we have listed some common domestic duck breeds which are popular for specific purposes.

List of Domestic Duck Breeds

Size Name Purpose Origin
Aylesbury Meat, Show, Pets United Kingdom
Pekin Dual China
Heavy Muscovy Meat America
Rouen General France
Cayuga Eggs, Meat, Ornamental United States
Duclair Dual France
Golden Cascade Dual United States
Medium Pomeranian Dual Germany
Swedish Blue General Sweden
Saxony Dual Germany
Silver Appleyard Dual United Kingdom
Abacot Ranger Dual United Kingdom
Alabio General Indonesia
Ancona Dual United Kingdom
Bali Dual, Exhibition Bali
Crested Dual, Exhibition Asia
Elizabeth Meat Australia
Hook Bill Exhibition Netherlands
Light Indian Runner Eggs East Indies
Khaki Campbell Eggs United Kingdom
Magpie Exhibition, Meat United Kingdom
Mallard Many Wild
Orpington Dual United Kingdom
Shetland Eggs Scotland
Welsh Harlequin Eggs United Kingdom
Australian Spotted Exhibition, Pets United States
Bantam Call Exhibition, Pets Probably Asia
East Indian Ornamental United States

Besides this duck breeds, there are also some other breeds available around the world. Ducks were first domesticated in Asia. But now there are many different kinds of duck breed developed for all different climates and applications. These breeds are being raised throughout the world. Some of this breeds are very suitable for commercial duck farming business. And some ducks are raised simply for their beauty or as pets.


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