Duclair Duck

The Duclair duck is a dual purpose breed of domestic duck originated from France. It was named after the town of Duclair in Normandy from where it was developed. The breed is also called Canard Duclair in French and Duclair Enten in German.

Duclair duck is a type of Rouen duck. And the blue version is described as being similar and bears a lot of resemblance to the Swedish Blue duck.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to tell the differences between this two duck breeds. On November 23, 1923 official standards were established for the Duclair duck.

Physical Characteristics of Duclair Duck

Duclair ducks are classed as a medium sized duck breed. There are two color varieties of this duck breed; Black and the Blue. Both varieties have a white bib and single white feather on each wing.

Some farmers described the Duclair duck as a ‘classic manky Mallard‘ that has a green head and white bibs. And a black, solid brown or even a blue grey-body.

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Average body weight of this duck breed is about 2.5 kg. And the drakes on average weight about 3 kg. Photo from Wikipedia.


The Duclair duck is a dual purpose breed. It is suitable for both meat and eggs production. The breed is considered as an excellent choice for roast duck.

Special Notes

Duclair duck is very calm in nature and very easy to tame. That’s why it is considered as a good duck for the beginners and also very good as pets. These ducks are good foragers and usually do well as pasture or free range grown birds.

The breed is very hardy and active. And while foraging, they usually search for invertebrates such as flies, beetles, dragonflies, caddis flies, gastropds, worms and a wide range of crustaceans. They also like to forage for slugs and snails.

These ducks are pretty good layers of large eggs. Their eggs are bluish-green in color and they produce about 80 to 100 eggs per year. However, review full breed profile of this duck breed in the following chart.

Breed NameDuclair
Other NameAlso Called Canard Duclair in French and Duclair Enten in German
Breed PurposeDual Purpose
Special NotesCalm, Fast Grower, Excellent Foragers
Breed ClassMedium
DrakeAbout 3 kg
DuckAbout 2.5 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ColorBluish-Green
Egg SizeLarge
Egg WeightAbout 70 grams
Egg ProductivityLow
Flying AbilityPoor
VarietiesBlack & Blue
Country of OriginFrance

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