Different Types of Duck Diseases Affect Duck Production

Duck diseases are less than chickens. Although they are not free from disease. For some duck breeds diseases are main obstacle for successful duck farming. Ducks of any age can get infected by disease anytime.

Some disease has high mortality rate. Generally germ of duck diseases spreads form one duck to another through the contiguity of infected duck, polluted water or feed and by using the used equipment by infected ducks.

So, proper duck diseases prevention methods are must to keep the duck productive and healthy which will ensure the best production. Duck plague, duck virus hepatitis etc. are main harmful duck diseases.

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The main symptoms, disease prevention method and treatment of some common duck diseases are described below.


  • The ducks may die suddenly without any symptoms.
  • Stops consuming food.
  • Drinks water frequently.
  • The color of the lips may changed.
  • Feather of the duck get disarranged.
  • Wings may get over-hanged.
  • Adult female ducks lay less eggs than usual.
  • Eyes may get swelled.
  • Some disease infected ducks can’t open their eyes in the light. And they become afraid seeing the light.
  • Liquid materials may flow from their nose and mouth.
  • Water may flow continuously from their eyes.
  • The ducks may suffers by diarrhea.
  • Sometimes their eyes get closed by white membrane.
  • Closet get mixed with their backside.
  • Shaking can be seen in the head, neck and body of duck.
  • Legs and wings become insensitive.
  • They stay sitting by pressuring over their chest.
  • They stop moving from one place to another.
  • Infected baby duck may die.


  • Always follow the duck health manual.
  • Stop the entrance of unwanted guests and animal inside the farm.
  • Make a suitable house for the duck.
  • Always keep the house dry, neat and clean.
  • Vaccinate the duck timely for preventing disease.
  • Be more careful about seasonal diseases.
  • Always provide nutritious food and fresh and clean water.
  • Keep the disease infected duck separated from the healthy one.
  • Keep the dead body of duck under soil or burn it with fire.


  • If disease occur in the farm then meet the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible and provide proper treatment.
  • Always apply disease preventive vaccine to the duck timely.

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