Deer Housing

Deer housing is not very important for raising deer. Because in normal condition an adult deer do not need housing. They take shelter in field or under tree as their living place. But the deer must need protection from adverse weather condition and other harmful animals.

So, you have to make a fence for deer with their housing. Especially deer needs house and shelter in winter and rainy season.

Good house protect them from cold and rain water during those seasons. Housing is also very important for baby and pregnant deer. Because they need extra care.

Make a fence about 2 meters high from the ground. This will keep your deer injury free. Because they always try to escape from inside the fence. Always use a suitable mesh without any dangerous projection.

deer housing

It would be better if the mesh become covered with material like hessian. This material cover will prevent the deer from seeing through.

Baby and pregnant deer needs special care and management. Baby deer should always keep in house with their mother. Pregnant deer also needs housing and shelter especially in winter and rainy season.

Some Essential Tips For Deer Housing

Before constructing house and shelter for deer keep in mind some important facts which are described below.

  • Deer always like to live in small group.
  • Make separate shelter for various group.
  • Make grazing place near their shelter. It would be better if the grazing place become inside the shelter.
  • Be sure about the full availability of food for deer inside the shelter.
  • Deer always like open and free place. So, make the house and shelter in open place.
  • Make sure that the place is free from all types of wild animals.
  • Don’t keep your other domestic animals like goat, sheep, cow etc. with deer.
  • The place will be crowd and noise free.
  • Prevent the entrance of unknown people.
  • Keep different aged deer separately.

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