Deer Breeds

There are various types of deer breeds available around the world. Every deer breeds has special habits, characteristics, color, body size and feed habit.

Some breeds become giant sized and some become very small. Some are of white, red, black etc. colored and some are of mixed colored. Some deer breeds are very highly meat productive.

Different Deer Breeds

Little description of some popular deer breeds are described below.


Fallow is one of the very beautiful deer breeds. They are very popular for their significant look. We can see this deer in a plenty in parks and zoo as they are decorative.

They are of various colored like black, shades of brown with spots, to white. Their antlers broke every year and regrow. Fallow is very suitable breed for farming domestically.


This breeds originated form far east. Sika is also a common breeds of parks and zoo. Nowadays the number of sika is increasing rapidly. Many species of sika are available.

Among them Manchurian, Japanese and Formosian sika are most common and favorite. Sika is very highly meat productive.

Red Deer

Red deer is very suitable for farming and very popular to the farmer. Because they requires little care and management for domestic farming.

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For commercial deer farming this breeds is very suitable. Their food to meat converting rate and meat quality become very high.

White Red Deer

White red deer breeds are natural red deer with white genes in their body in both male and female.

Trophy Whitetail

Trophy whitetail deer become giant sized. Their antlers are of big sized and tail become white colored. They are very highly meat productive.

Trophy Axis

Trophy axis deer has burnt orange coat with white spots like whitetail  fawn and a blackish streak running the length of their spine. Male axis has large antlers.

They love to eat grass and become active more in dawn and dusk. Axis is a wild species. They survive about 8 to 12 years on an average.

Trophy Red Stag

Trophy red stag deer is a giant sized deer. Their whole body is red colored. Male deer has a pair of big antler. They become highly meat productive. They are very beautiful to look.


The reindeer originated from Arctic and Subarctic area. They are of various color and sized. Both male and female reindeer has antlers. Male become larger than females.

They are of medium sized and adults weights between 70 to 110 kg. They are very famous meat productive deer breeds.

Mule Deer

Mule deer originated form north America. Their tail is black tipped. Their antlers are bifurcated. An adult mule deer weights about 70 to 150 kg. they are very popular to the hunters for their meat. They consume all types of grasses and plants.

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