Catalana Chicken Characteristics & Information

Catalana chicken is a dual purpose rare breed which was developed in the district of Catalonia (near Barcelona), Spain. It takes the name from Catalonia and also known as El Prat, Buff Catalana, Catalana del Prat Leonada, or just Prat. Catalana chicken is thought to have been developed over a long period of time using the Castillian chickens with Asian stock during the second half of the 19th century. But is is not clear whether the Asian stock were Cochin China chickens or Cochin chickens. Catalana chickens gained popularity in Argentina and some other Latin American countries. As they are not cold hardy birds, so their popularity is limited to the southern countries. In 1902 they gained international attention during the World’s Fair at Madrid, Spain. Catalana chicken was included in the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1949.

Physical Characteristics of Catalana Chicken

Catalana chicken is a dual purpose Mediterranean poultry breed. They are of rich buff colored with greenish-black tails. They have large red comb with six points. The comb stands upright in roosters and in hens it lies down after the first point. They have blue slate shanks and toes and the earlobes are white in color. They have large red wattles, dark reddish brown eyes and horn colored beak. Hens are good white colored and medium size egg layers. On an average, Catalana roosters weight about 3.2-3.7 kg and hens weight about 2.3-2.7 kg. Photo from Wikipedia.
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Catalana chicken breed is suitable for both meat and eggs production. They produce good quality meat. It is the only Mediterranean poultry breed which is raised for both eggs and meat production. They are good flyers and can’t tolerate confinement. They are also very good foragers if given free range facilities. They prefer roosting in high places. They are very hardy and tolerant of hot climates. Catalana chickens are not too friendly and tend to avoid human contact if possible.

Catalana Chicken | Breed Profile

Breed Name Catalana
Other Name Also Known as El Prat, Buff Catalana, Catalana del Prat Leonada, or just Prat
Breed Purpose Dual Purpose
Breed Temperament Flighty, Shy
Breed Size Large
Broodiness Seldom
Comb Single
Climate Tolerance Hot Climates
Egg Color White
Egg Size Medium
Egg Productivity Medium
Feathered Legs No
Rarity Rare
Varieties Black-tailed Buff

The Good

  • Very active
  • Beautiful
  • Hardy
  • Good layer
  • Productive
  • Good for both eggs and quality meat production
  • Excellent foragers
  • Good for free range
  • Good for small farms
  • Very good for hot climates

The Bad

  • It’s a rare breed
  • Not too friendly with humans
  • Can’t tolerate confinement
  • Not a cold hardy breed

Is Catalana Chicken Good for You?

Catalana chicken is good for you if you…….

  • Want to raise dual purpose chicken breeds
  • Want to produce quality meat along with producing eggs.
  • Want to raise beautiful chickens.
  • Are willing to have some active and hardy chickens.
  • Are looking for some chickens which are good foragers and do well in free range.
  • Have a small farm and want to raise some chickens for family meat and eggs need.
  • Live somewhere with hot climates and looking for some chickens which are very heat tolerant.

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