Hens That Lay Colored Eggs

Are you looking for the hens that lay colored eggs? If yes, you are in the right place. Here we are describing about some colorful eggs producing chicken breeds.

Some people like to raise some chickens on their own backyard. Most of them raise a few hens for fresh eggs, some raise for meat production and some people raise them as pet. However, the common laying hen breeds generally produce white or brown colored eggs.

If you are raising some common layer breeds such as Leghorns or Rhode Island Red, then you are used to get white or brown colored eggs daily. You can add some laying hens that lay colored eggs in your flock to have a variety in egg’s color.

Hens That Lay Colored Eggs

Colored eggs are not just for the Easter anymore. You can also raise certain colorful egg laying breeds and they will present you with blue or green colored eggs. I am describing here about some hens that lay colored eggs almost daily.


Ameraucana chicken is a blue to bluish green egg laying hen which was developed in the United States. Ameraucanas possess tails and beards, compared to the Araucanas.

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This breed comes in standard and bantam varieties (according to the Ameraucana Breeders Club). They are of various colored such as black, blue, silver, blue wheaten, buff, brown, wheaten, and whiten.

They are very hardy breed and they can also live, grow and produce well in cold climates. And suitable for raising in your flock with other breeds.


Araucanas are a blue egg laying hen breed and they are from South America. During the late 1920s, this chicken breed was first imported to the United States (according to the University of Florida).

Nowadays it’s difficult to find a true Araucana chicken. Pure Araucana lacks a tail but has ear tufts. You can find a true breed by their tail and ear tufts. If you are looking for pure breed, contact with your local and small breeders.

Try to avoid large hatcheries because they usually don’t sell Araucanas. It’s relatively a rare breed. Araucans are of various colored. They are feathering of black, blue, buff, black-breasted red, red, silver and white.

If you are fed up with getting white or brown colored eggs, then you can add some Araucanas to your flock. They will bring a variety in egg color.

Easter Eggers

All Easter Eggers are not purebred. Any simple laying hens that lay colorful eggs are Easter Eggers. They can be any cross-bred or hybrid laying hens that lay various colored eggs.

Most of the Easter Eggers lay blue or bluish colored eggs. Their exact lineage shouldn’t matter as long as they produce attractively various colored eggs, unless you intend to breed purebred hens.

And you are not limited to blue or green colored eggs only as egg colors run the gamut with this breed. You can also end up with various colored eggs such as aqua, olive or pink.

Other Colors

There are some other breeds too that lay various colored eggs, except brown and standard white color. Barnevelder is such a breed that produce dark reddish-brown colored eggs.

Penedesencas are also deep-brown colored eggs layer. Marans lay dark chocolate colored eggs. Welsummers produce resemble terracotta eggs. If you are looking for calm, quite and good nature hens, choose Rarans or Welsummers.

They are gentle, friendly temperament and well behaved. Barnevelders and Penedesencas are slightly rude in nature and they generally don’t care for people.

These are the common hens that lay colored eggs. You can add any of them with your existing flock to have a variety in egg production. Raising some colorful eggs layer also give you much pleasure.

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