Asil Chicken Characteristics, Temperament & Uses

Asil chicken (also spelled Aseel or Asli) is an ancient breed of chicken from India. Asil chickens are originally kept for cockfighting, but nowadays they are also kept for ornamental purposes.

Asil chickens were brought to Europe around 1750. They are considered as the strongest game bird in the world. They are very smart, strongly muscled and they contributed to the modern Cornish (broiler) breed.

Sometimes Asil chickens are friendly when they are kept apart from other roosters. But you should not keep many roosters together, because they will fight until death.

Hens can sometimes be kept together but have to be watched closely in case of fighting. They are friendly, very tame and trusting towards humans.

Asil chicken breed entered the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1981. Asil hens are not among the good layers, but they are excellent sitters and mothers.

Physical Characteristics of Asil Chicken

Asil chickens are very skilled in fighting. They have wide and very beautiful chest. Their body structure is very good and they become very strong.

Legs and neck of Asil chicken are very long compared to other common chicken breeds. Asil hens are not good layers. Hens lay a few eggs and their eggs are also small.

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There are many varieties of Asil chickens are available. Depending on the variety, the color of feathers can be black, red or mixed. They have a small pea comb.

Most of the Asil chicken varieties are big in size and very hardy. Diseases are pretty less. On an average an adult Asil rooster weights about 3kg – 4kg, and an adult hen can weight about 2.5kg – 3kg.


Asil hens are seasonal layers and lay a few eggs, but they are excellent mothers. Hens are apt to become broody and make excellent sitters and protective mothers.

Asil chicks take more time to be mature and they will often fight with other chicks from a very early age. So, it will be wise to keep them separate.

Otherwise they will fight to the death if given the chance. Asil chickens require more space to grow perfectly compared to other chicken breeds.

Despite being fighting birds, they are very friendly towards humans and can be tamed very easily. Asil chickens do not do well in a cold climate and they usually prefer dry conditions. Nowadays, pure breed Asil chickens are hard to find and they are rare birds now.

Breed NameAsil
Other NameAlso spelled as Aseel or Asli
Breed PurposeOrnamental
Breed TemperamentAggressive, Friendly Towards Humans, Bears Confinement well, Easily Handled, Quite, Docile, Hens are Very Good and Protective Mothers
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
CombPea Comb
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ColorLight Brown
Egg SizeMedium
Egg ProductivityVery Low
Feathered LegsNo
RarityPure Breed Asil Chickens are Rare
VarietiesBlack, Black Breasted Red, Blue Breasted Red, Dark, Duckwing, Spangled and White

The Good

  • Beautiful game birds
  • Very friendly towards humans
  • Hens are good sitters and excellent protective mothers
  • Very intelligent
  • Very hardy
  • Roosters are very strong and protect the hens

The Bad

  • Aggressive
  • Will fight to death when many hens or roosters are kept together
  • Generally take long time to be mature
  • Asil hens are not good layers

Is Asil Chicken Good for You?

Yes, Asil chickens are good for you if you…….

  • Want to have some beautiful birds.
  • Are willing to raise some game birds.
  • Want to have a few chickens as pets.
  • Are looking for some intelligent and hardy chickens.
  • Need some chickens which are friendly towards humans.
  • Are looking for some protective mothers who can take care of the chicks perfectly.
  • Want to enhance the beauty of your backyard by keeping some beautiful chickens.

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