Khaki Campbell Ducks

Khaki campbell ducks have brought the quite revolution in duck farming. No one can think about that ‘ducks can lay more eggs than hens, and ducks can be raised commercially for profitable business purpose’. Khaki campbell ducks have brought the revolution in duck farming business. Although khaki campbell ducks are not a genuine duck breed. They came from Indian Runner and Ruel Kagua. Indian runner is a world famous layer duck breed and Ruel Kagua is famous for their meat production. And khaki campbell ducks are the result of this two world famous duck breed.

You can start raising khaki campbell ducks commercially, if you have proper facilities for duck farming. They are highly productive, and suitable for commercial production of both meat and eggs. The main advantages of raising khaki campbell ducks is ‘their meat and eggs are very tasty and have a huge demand and price in the market’. Almost all types of people like khaki campbell duck’s meat and eggs throughout the world. You might know, duck farming is very easy. And khaki campbell ducks are not exception. Raising them is more easy than raising any other poultry birds. So it may be a lucrative business, if you raise them commercially. Khaki campbell ducks lay about 280 to 300 eggs per year, while hens lay less than it. Ducks are suitable for business purposes, because they lay eggs for 2 to 3 years continuously, while hens lay eggs only for 1.5 year. Female khaki campbell ducks start laying eggs at their age of 17 to 18 weeks. But chickens start laying when they reach about 21 weeks of age. One more advantages is, hens lay eggs all over the day and night but ducks lay eggs only in morning. Usually they lay eggs at morning within 9 am. So it’s really very easy to manage ducks, and you don’t have to spend whole day for caring your ducks.
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Raising Ducklings
Before bringing ducks to your farm, you have to make the room suitable enough where the ducklings will stay. You can keep them over the wire net, so that they get affected by diseases less. The wire net will be about 1.5 feet high from the ground, so that you can remove closet easily. Maintain the temperature strictly for raising khaki campbell ducks. For the first few days keep the temperature between 300°c to 320°c. Then reduced the temperature at the rate of 2.80°c daily, until the temperature reach 240°c. At their age of 20 to 25 days, you can allow them to the floor. Make a deep litter, before allowing them on the floor. 3 squire feet space is required per duck. Water is a must for ducks, because they can’t survive without water. So make a proper source of supplying adequate clean and fresh water. It will be better, if you can make a pond near your farm. You can also use a little plastic baby pool or used bathtub for making a swimming source for your ducks. Your ducks will enjoy swimming there and keep breeding. Water is a must for mating or breeding. Although, you can also raise ducks without water. But in case of raising them without water, they will produce infertile eggs. And you can’t use these eggs for hatching or producing ducklings.

Ducks usually eat insects, fish, oyster, snail etc. If you want to provide their feeds by your own, then the feed must have to be well balanced, nutritious and should contain proper amount of vitamins and minerals. On an average, khaki campbell ducks consume about 130 grams food daily. You can prepare your duck’s feed by your own, it will reduce feeding cost. The ratio of ingredients per 100 percent of mix are listed below.
  • Wheat- 30 percent
  • Broken rice- 40 percent
  • Black sesame- 10 percent
  • Soybean- 10 percent
  • Snail shell powder-10 percent
  • Add Vitamin A, B2, D3, E 10g per 100kg of food mix.
  • Add Corine chloride 50g per 1000kg.

If you provide this types of food to your laying ducks, then it will make good result in their egg and meat production. Along with nutritious feeds, provide them adequate amount of clean and fresh water according to their demand.

Ducks require a very simple accommodation system. You can make a good house for your ducks easily. Usually ducks prefer wet housing condition than high and dry place. They love to live in wet or watery place. They spend most of their time outside the house during day time. They require a safe place for staying at night and laying eggs. Usually 2 to 3 square feet flooring space is required per duck. While making house for your khaki campbell ducks, keep in mind well ventilation and proper flow of fresh air inside the house.

Care & Management
Diseases are usually less in ducks, than any other domestic birds. And it mostly depends on the care and management. If you manage a healthy rearing method and provide them nutritious food, fresh water then they will suffer by diseases less. You have to be concern about two fatal disease of ducks, such as duck plague and cholera disease. Vaccinate them timely and always try to take good care of your ducks.

It is very easy to sell live ducks and eggs to the market. Because almost all types of people like duck meat and eggs. You can easily sell your products in local market. While marketing the eggs, transport in plastic or wooden egg boxes.

Khaki campbell duck farming is really very profitable, especially if you can raise them by using your local natural resources. For example, if there are plenty of natural feeds available in your area, then feeding costs will be minimum, and you will get maximum production and profit from your duck farming business.


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