Duck Plague

Duck plague is a very dangerous viral contagious disease. Duck plague disease is a very big problem to the farmer who wants to raise ducks. This disease can affect the duck of any age throughout the year.

Mortality rate in this disease is very high. The germ of this disease  spread through the affected ducks, polluted water and feed. Sometimes, mortality rate of the affected ducks reach 100%.

Duck Plague Symptoms

  • The duck die suddenly without any symptoms.
  • They stops eating feed.
  • Drink water frequently.
  • The lips of the duck get blue colored.
  • Adult duck lays less eggs.
  • They can’t open eyes in bright light.
  • Get afraid seeing light.
  • Liquid flows through nose and mouth.
  • Water flows through eyes continuously.
  • Sometimes eyes get covered with white material and can’t open their eyes.
duck plague
  • Closet of the duck plague affected duck become liquid.
  • Closet get mixed with the tail.
  • If this disease affects much, then all duck die suddenly together.
  • They can’t stand up and walks lamely.
  • Feather get dis-arranged and the wings get overhang.
  • They are about to stop swimming.
  • Closet of the affected duck become green or yellow colored.
  • Neck and head get curved.
  • Penis of male duck come out occasionally.
  • Eyes of the duck plague affected duck get swollen.

Duck Plague Defense Method

There are no easy treatment for viral disease. By following the health rules, keeping them hygienically and proper vaccination, we can prevent duck plague.


Mix 100 milliliter distilled water with every ampoule vaccine. Then apply it to the run or in the meat of chest at the rate of 1 milliliter per duck through injection. Apply the vaccine within 3-4 weeks of age. Prevention period of this vaccine is one year.


  • Move the affected duck to another house.
  • Keep the dead body of duck under soil or burn it.
  • Separate the affected bird from the healthy duck.
  • Control the entrance of external animal and people.
  • Keep the house, equipment, liter etc. free from germ.
  • Try to keep the duck through health rule.
  • Make proper vaccination timely.

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