Katla Fish

Katla fish is very fast growing and suitable fish breed for farming in freshwater pond. It is a very tasty and nutritious fish. And very popular to all types of people throughout the South Asia. The ancient and main living place of this fish ‘Katla’ is our open water reservoirs and rivers. Katla fish is a carp fish species and breeding rate in river, swamp and canal is very satisfactory. Katla fishes are also known by some other names such as katol fish, catla fish, Indian carp etc. This is a very suitable fish species for commercial fish farming business in some countries of south Asia. Classification, physical characteristics, food habit and breeding of Katla fish is described below.

Classification of Katla Fish
Classification of Katla fish described below.

  • Kingdom          :       Animalia
  • Phylum            :       Chordata
  • Class               :       Actinopterygii
  • Order               :       Cypriniformes
  • Family             :       Cypriinidae
  • Genus              :       Catla
  • Species            :       C. catla
  • Scientific Name         : Catla catla

Physical Characteristics

  • Body of the Katla fish is usually short.
  • Head is comparatively bigger than their body.

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  • Mouth is wide and curved to up.
  • The upper lip is thin but lower lip is thick.
  • The back is more convex than their belly.
  • Upper side of their body is dark gray colored and side part is silver colored.
  • Fins are blackish colored.

Katla fishes generally consume food from the upper level of water. They love to eat small insects, leaves of plant, phytopplankton etc. They also eat zooplankton occasionally. You can also serve fish meal and supplementary fish feed for commercial Katla fish farming business.

Katla fishes can be up to 1m long. Gain sexual maturity at the age of 3-5 years. A moderate sized female Katla fish contain about 1.5-3 millions of eggs. They lay their eggs in open water reservoirs. In favorable environment they lay eggs in rainy season. You can also do breeding process of katla fish artificially in the hatchery.

Katla is a very tasty fish and enriched with high nutrition value. Commercial farming in freshwater pond is very profitable. This fish is very hardy and grow faster comparatively to to other fish species. Generally, they eat upper level food from the water. So, it is very suitable for farming in freshwater pond with other species of carp fish. Katla fish has a huge demand in the Asian market and contributing much to the total fish production and economic growth of some Asian countries, such as Bangladesh and India.


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