Yellow Croaker Fish

The Yellow Croaker fish is a species of croaker which is native to the western Pacific.

It is also known by some other names such as Redlip Croaker, Little Yellow Croaker, Small Yellow Croaker, Yellow Corvina or Larimichthys polyactis.

It is generally found in temperate waters such as the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea.

The Yellow Croaker fish was once an abundant commercial fish species of China, Japan and Korea.

Total population of this fish species collapsed in the 1970s, mainly due to overfishing.

Total global catch has since rebounded, with 388,018 tons in the year of 2008. However, read some more information about this fish species below.

Yellow Croaker Fish Characteristics

The Yellow Croaker fish has an elongate and compressed body. Their mouth is large as compared to their body, with maxillary extending to below posterior margin of eye.

Their lower jaw is little protruding beyond the upper jaw. The teeth are in a single row on the lower jaw. The lateral line is with 53 to 59 scales. The dorsal fin is with 10 spines and 31-37 soft rays.

And the anal fin is with 2 spines, and 9-10 soft rays. The second anal spine is shorter than eye. Their body color is generally orange-yellow.

The mature Yellow Croaker fish can reach a maximum body length of 40-42 cm. Photo and info from Wikipedia.

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The Yellow Croaker fish are benthopelagic feeders.


The Yellow Croaker fish is mainly used for food. It is also used in Chinese medicine.

Special Notes

The Yellow Croaker fish generally inhabit coastal waters and estuaries. It is mainly found in Japan, China and Korea.

It is actually found in the sublittoral zone above 120 m in sandy mud bottoms. It is generally marketed fresh, but also sold salted or dried.

However, review full breed profile of the Yellow Croaker fish in the table below.

NameYellow Croaker
SpeciesL. polyactis
Binomial NameLarimichthys polyactis
Other NamesAlso known as Redlip Croaker, Little Yellow Croaker, Small Yellow Croaker, Yellow Corvina or Larimichthys polyactis
Breed PurposeMainly food
Special NotesGenerally inhabit coastal waters and estuaries, mainly found in China, Japan and Korea, used mainly for food, marketed fresh, and also sold dried or salted
Breeding MethodNatural
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Body ColorOrange-yellow
AvailabilityWestern Pacific

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