Wuchang Bream Characteristics & Information

The Wuchang bream is a species of cyprinid fish native to the Yangtze basin, China (including Liangzi Lake). It is also found in Newshan Lake and Yuli Lake. It is a very important object of fish farming, and total production ranked 12th on the world list of most important fish species in aquaculture in the year of 2012. In 2012 total production reached around 0.71 million tones and a value of 1.16 billion US dollars.

But populations of the Wuchang bream have declined due to impacts from overfishing and a declining reproductive success rate due to dams. But the species is assessed as Least Concern at present, as it is widespread and the population decline is not though to meet a threatened category. Read some more information about this fish species below.

Wuchang Bream Characteristics

The Wuchang bream usually have 3 dorsal spines and 7 dorsal soft rays, 3 anal spines and 25-27 anal soft rays. They generally have black gray in the back, and silver white in the stomach. There are several vertical black strips in the side. And green gray colored in all fins. Photo and info from Fishbase, IUCN Red List and Wikipedia.


Commercial feeds are available for the Wuchang bream fish.


The Wuchang bream is a lake species, and found mainly in lakes and rivers with a bottom of mud with macrophytes in the middle to lower water levels. They migrate into rivers to spawn.


The Wuchang breams are mainly used for food.

Special Notes

The Wuchang bream is a very important fisheries species and is cultivated in commercial aquaculture. However, review full breed profile of the Wuchang bream in the chart below.

Wuchang Bream Fish | Breed Profile

Name Wuchang Bream
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Cypriniformes
Family Cyprinidae
Genus Megalobrama
Species M. amblycephala
Binomial Name Megalobrama amblycephala
Other Names None
Breed Purpose Mainly food
Special Notes Mainly used for food, a very important fisheries species and cultivated in commercial aquaculture system
Breeding Method Natural
Body Color Black gray in back, and silver white in the stomach (there are several vertical black strips in the side)
Rarity Common
Availability China

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