Shiraz Tumbler Pigeons

The Shiraz Tumbler pigeon is a flying breed of domestic pigeon from Iran. It is originally from Shiraz in south central Iran.

The breed is also known by some other names such as Afghani Shirazi pigeon, Shakhsharli Tumblers, Shirazi, Shaik, Saksarli, and ‘lahouri‘ or ‘domgir‘ (in Isfahan).

The meaning of the word ‘Shakhsharli’ is “overdressed with beauty”, and the breed was named so mainly because of their natural beauty.

It is believed that the Shiraz Tumbler pigeon is a unique and one of the most beautiful pigeon breeds.

And it is also among the most stunning pigeon breeds available today. However, read some more information about this breed below.

History And Origins Of Shiraz Tumbler Pigeon

The Shiraz Tumbler pigeon boasts a rich heritage tracing back centuries. The breed was originated from the historic city of Shiraz in Iran. It is renowned for it’s exceptional aerial acrobatics and distinctive appearance.

The Shiraz Tumbler is a result of meticulous selection by Persian pigeon fanciers. The tumbling and rolling flight patterns of these birds have been admired since ancient times (reflecting a deep cultural appreciation for avian aesthetics and skill).

The Shiraz Tumbler pigeon breed has become a symbol of regional pride over time (representing both the artistry and dedication of it’s breeders).


The Shakhsharli or Shiraz Tumbler pigeon is a medium sized breed. It comes in four original or common colors: black, blue, red and yellow.

Although some other colors such as ash red and yellow, bronze, black and dun, blue and silver, cream bar, red bar and sulfur have also been bred.

Compared to other pigeon breeds, these birds have many different feathers. For example, the three patches of color on their head.

One patch on the top of the head, and other two at each cheek. The patch on the top of the head is called a ‘skull patch’, and other two is called ‘cheek patches’.

Head of the Shiraz Tumbler pigeons is round and averagely large. They have black or dark brown eyes, but sometimes their eyes can also be of pearl or red colored.

Most of the birds have white head and neck to the breast line, forming a V shape. Their body is quite small, extended with broad breast.

They usually have muffed legs. Average live body weight of the mature Shiraz Tumbler pigeon is between 340-425 grams.

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Housing Requirements

Like most other domestic pigeon breeds, the Shiraz Tumbler pigeons also require a secure, well-ventilated, spacious and comfortable housing system to stay healthy and active. Their housing system also include ample perching areas and nesting boxes to accommodate their natural behaviors.

Try to construct the house with such materials that provide protection from extreme weather conditions and also from predators. Ensuring adequate ventilation system is also very important to prevent respiratory issues.

Arrange an attached aviary or flight area for your birds to allow them to exercise and display their tumbling flight patterns. Perform regular cleaning of the house.

Dietary Requirements

Like many other domestic poultry birds, the Shiraz Tumbler pigeons also require nutritious and balanced diet to maintain good health and maximum performance. Their diet should mainly consists of high-quality grains and seeds such as corn, rice, millets, peas, wheat etc.

Supplement their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, and doing this will help the birds to get essential vitamins and minerals. Add oyster shell to their diet to fulfill calcium requirements. Also provide them grit, because grit helps the birds for aiding digestion.

Along with providing good quality and nutritious food, always try to provide your birds with enough clean and fresh drinking water as per their demand.


The Shiraz Tumbler pigeons are naturally very good breeders. But you have to be conscious while choosing the breeding pair. Always choose healthy and active birds for successful breeding.

After selecting the pair, provide them a clean and spacious nesting area to ensure successful reproduction. Provide them nutritious diet rich in nutrients to support egg production and chick development.

Supply enough nesting materials such as straw or soft bedding to create a comfortable nest. The female Shiraz Tumblers generally lay two eggs at a time, and both male and female take the responsibility to hatch the eggs. And it generally take between 17 and 19 days for hatching.

After hatching, both parents continue to care for and feed the chicks. Parents used to feed them until they are ready to fledge at around 4-6 weeks of age. Ensure a stress free environment and monitor the birds regularly.


The Shiraz Tumbler pigeons known for their gentle behavior and friendly temperament. They are social birds and they thrive in the company of other pigeons and can adapt well to aviary life.


The Shiraz Tumbler pigeons are relatively strong and hardy birds and generally require less caring and other management. Although, taking good care of these birds will help them to grow and perform better.

Generally, caring tasks of the Shiraz Tumbler pigeons involves providing them a clean, safe and spacious environment, good and nutritious food, and regular health checkups.

Always try to provide them enough clean and fresh water as per their demand. Perform regular health checkups, and vaccinate them timely.


Shiraz Tumbler pigeon is a flying breed. It is also raised for exhibition and ornamental purposes.

Popularity And Price

The Shiraz Tumbler pigeons are popular and are prized among the pigeon enthusiasts. They are popular mainly for their unique tumbling flight and friendly disposition.

Price of these pigeons can vary widely depending on numerous factors such as age, coloration, lineage, training etc. Depending on your location price of these pigeons can vary from $50 to several hundred dollars per bird.


Like many other domestic pigeon breeds, average lifespan of the Shiraz Tumbler pigeons is between 10 and 15 years. Although they can even live longer if you can take good care of them.

Pros And Cons

Similar to many other domestic pigeon breeds, these pigeons also have some advantages and disadvantages. Here we are trying to list the most common and notable pros and cons of Shiraz Tumbler pigeons.


  • Unique flight behavior
  • Gentle and social nature
  • Friendly temperament
  • Adapt well to various living conditions
  • Breeding is easy


  • Require special care
  • Vulnerability to predators
  • Potential for injury
  • Initial high cost

Special Notes

The Shiraz Tumbler pigeons are excellent flyers. They are especially noted for their very beautiful appearance. They can fly up to 1-2 hours, depending on the training they are given at an early age.

But they can’t fly very high, and a few of them will tumble. The way Shiraz Tumbler pigeon fly is a combination of turning around the loft and going to a distance and keep coming back. They fly as a kit.

They are of very good behavior, and they can be tamed very well. So, the breed is very good for raising as pets. They grow relatively faster.

However, review full breed profile of the Shiraz Tumbler pigeon in the following chart.

Breed NameShiraz Tumbler
Other NameAfghani Shirazi pigeon, Shakhsharli Tumblers, Shirazi, Shaik, Saksarli, and ‘lahouri’ or ‘domgir’ (in Isfahan)
Breed PurposeFlying, ornamental, pets
Special NotesBeautiful birds with unique appearance, excellent flyers, good behavior, easily tamed, very good for raising as pets, grow faster
Breed ClassMedium
Weight340-425 grams
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Flying AbilityExcellent
As PetsVery good
ColorWhite with black, blue, red or yellow. Other colors are also found.
Country/Place of OriginIran

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Popularity of pigeon farming business is increasing gradually in many countries throughout the world. That’s why many people are trying to learn more about this business. Especially, the beginners ask us many questions about starting and operating a successful pigeon farming business. However, here we are trying to list the most common questions about Shiraz Tumbler pigeons and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

How long do Shiraz Tumbler pigeons live?

Average lifespan of the Shiraz Tumbler pigeons is between 10 and 15 years. Sometimes can even live long in proper care and management.

What are Shiraz Tumbler pigeons used for?

The Shiraz Tumbler is a flying pigeon breed. It is also raised for exhibition and ornamental purposes.

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