Sahelian Goat Farming

Sahelian goat farming is common in the Saharan and sub-Saharan region. The Sahelian type of goat is actually distributed in the north and northwest of Mali. And the breed is most suited to desert or semi desert environments and the breed is intolerant of areas with high humidity.

The Sahelian goat actually belongs to the Savanna group of goats with many types and sub-types which are raised in the Saharan and sub-Saharan regions.

The breed is widely distributed in the arid and semi-arid zones of the Sahel (north of the 12°N parallel from central Chad in the east to the Atlantic coast in the west and well into the southern Sahara).

Although today the Sahelian goats can also be found in many other parts of the world, especially in the areas where suitable environments or conditions are available. The Sahelian goats are not a trypano-tolerant goat breed, and they generally do not survive for long in forest and dense Savannah.

The Sahelian goats are very strong and hardy animals and they generally survive well only in desert environments. And the breed is especially well-adapted to a nomadic life and can be fed on a variety of vegetation which are found within their native regions.

By the way, the Sahelian goats are multi-purpose animals and they are suitable for meat, milk and also for skin production. So, starting commercial Sahelian goat farming can be a very good business, especially for the poor people.

How to Start Sahelian Goat Farming

Starting Sahelian goat farming business is relatively easy. They are very strong and hardy animals and they are well adapted to their native conditions.

They are not suited for stall fed system and generally do very well in free range system. Here we are trying to describe everything about starting and operating a successful Sahelian goat farming business from purchasing animals to caring and marketing.

Purchase Goats

First of all, try to purchase very good quality, healthy and disease free goats from any of your nearest livestock market or existing farms.

If possible contact an expert and ask him/her for helping you while choosing animals. You can also search your local online classified websites.

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Making good housing or shelter is important for Sahelian goat farming business. A good shelter not only keeps the animals safe but also helps them to stay healthy. So, try to make a good and comfortable house for your goats.

Ensure good ventilation system and flow of sufficient air and light inside the house. And make the house in such a way so that you can easily clean the house. As a small to medium sized breed, on average a Sahelian goat will require about 10-12 square feet housing space.


Feeding the animals with very good quality and nutritious food is the most important part of Sahelian goat farming business. So always try to feed them with enough good and nutritious food. The Sahelian goats love grazing, so making a pasture for them will be very good.

The Sahelian goats also require some vitamins and minerals. Contact a vet in your area for better recommendation. And always try to provide your goats with enough clean and fresh drinking water as per their demand.


The Sahelian goats are naturally very good breeders, and natural breeding is generally practiced for Sahelian goat farming business, instead of artificial breeding.

One mature and healthy buck is enough for breeding 30-35 does. First kidding occurs within their 18 months of age, and the does generally give birth of 2 kids per kidding.


The Sahelian goats are very strong and hardy animals. They are well adapted to the desert environments and they generally require less caring.

Although taking additional care will ensure good growth of the animals. So always try to take good care of your animals.


The Sahelian goats are multi-purpose animals. They are raised for meat, milk and also skin. And all these products have very good demand and value in the market. So, you will probably be able to sell the products easily in the local or any nearest market. Although, you should set your own marketing strategies before starting this business.

These are the common steps for starting and operating a successful Sahelian goat farming business. Hope this guide has helped you a lot! Good luck & may God bless you!

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