Best Poultry Rearing Guide & Tips For Beginners

Poultry rearing is not a easy task. Every animal has to survive with good and adverse condition. Poultry is not exception from this system. But they can’t take proper defense method by themselves.

So, the producer who raise them have to be conscious about adverse condition and disease and keep them free from this in order to be benefited and get profit from them.

Proper care should taken otherwise treatment will be very expensive when they get affected by diseases. And if they become free from disease after treatment, they can’t make desired production.

Contagious diseases are very harmful for poultry health. As we know prevention is better than cure, so follow the poultry health rule and try to raise them hygienically.

Hygienic Poultry Rearing

To prevent poultry from different types of disease, it is very important to poultry raising hygienically.

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In this regard following topics will be useful for hygienic poultry rearing. Buy the baby poultry from healthy and disease free hatchery.

  • Ensure hygienic, neat and clean poultry housing.
  • Don’t keep much bird according to the area of poultry house.
  • Make proper movement of light and air in the poultry house.
  • Provide adequate nutritious and balanced food always.
  • Always serve the poultry fresh and clean water.
  • Vaccinate the poultry bird timely.
  • Separate different aged poultry and keep them in different house.
  • For proper growth, egg and meat production and for preventing them from diseases use medicine regularly.
  • Separate disease affected bird from healthy one.
  • Keep the incubator germ free.
  • Try to keep the litter dry and germ free.
  • Prevent the entrance of wild animal like craw, fox, dog etc.
  • Don’t permit new person to enter inside the farm.
  • Keep the farm environment free from insects like mosquito, lice etc.
  • Be careful about the source and causes of germ and diseases.
  • Prevent the mixture of litter with food and water.
  • Don’t mix the bird which you have bought from market or other source with your farm bird.
  • Put the dead body of disease affected bird under the soil or burn it in fire.
  • Always keep disease affected bird separated from healthy bird.
  • Feed the poultry medicine to keep them free from worms.

If Disease Occurs

If disease affect the poultry bird, then do the following.

  • Separate the affected bird from other healthy bird and provide proper treatment.
  • Stop the entrance of visitors.
  • Put the dead body and waste materiel under soil or burn it by fire.
  • Find out the source of germ and try to destroy that.
  • Wash the used poultry equipment by germicide regularly.
  • Don’t sell the affected bird.
  • Keep them free from different types of parasitic insects or animal.
  • Vaccinate the healthy poultry.
  • Change the litter timely.
  • Always provide the poultry hygienic environment, nutritious food and clean water.

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