Raising Geese

Raising geese is very enjoyable and entertaining. Geese is an important species of poultry. There are many geese breeds available throughout the world.

They like to stay in little water and love  to eat grass. So, it is very profitable to raise geese where grass grows in a plenty. This method reduces the feeding cost.

Egg productive efficiency of geese is very low and vary depending on geese breeds. Some geese breeds lay only 30 to 40 eggs per year. Geese are big sized. They weight more than other ducks. An adult female geese weights between 5 to 6 kg, and a male geese weights between 8 to 10 kg. Their gizzard is very powerful.

Geese eats more food than other ducks. Amateur people raise different geese breeds as their hobby and for meat.

Different Types of Geese Breeds

There are numerous geese breeds available throughout the world. Not all the breeds are common, and available.

Here were are describing about the characteristics of some common geese breeds.

Toulouse Geese

  • This Types of geese comes from French.
  • Its body is fleshy and big sized.
  • The body is long, wide and deep which is parallel to soil.
  • Its breast is high, thick and deep.
  • The wings of this geese is very long.
  • The tail is short.
  • Its head is big sized and the lip is very strong.
  • The throat is long and thick.
  • Leg is very strong.
  • The color of the feather is deep or slightly gray.
  • An adult geese gain just about 11 kg of weight.
  • They lay 30 to 40 eggs per year.

Embden Geese

  • Embden geese originated from Germany.
  • Its body is wide, thick and rouletted.
  • The backrest is long, straight and strong.
  • The wings are long sized.
  • Head is long and straight.
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  • Lip is very strong.
  • Eyes are very bright.
  • Legs are very short.
  • Feather is very hard and well arranged.
  • Male and female both are white colored.
  • Lips are orange colored and the eyes are slightly blue colored.
  • Feet and legs are orange colored.
  • Adult male and female weights between 9-10 to 13-15 kg.
  • Egg productive efficiency 30 to 40 per year.

African Geese

  • This geese are large sized and long.
  • Head is wide and deep.
  • There is a big vesicle in the head.
  • They moves keeping their head vertical.
  • Backrest is wide, skate and long.
  • Breast is roulette.
  • Wings are big and strong.
  • Tail is very big.
  • It has dewlap which is very thick and big.
  • Legs are medium sized.
  • The color of the head is slightly brown both for male and female geese.
  • The feather of the neck is slightly gray brown colored.
  • The body feather is blackish brown banded colored.
  • Adult male and female geese weights between 11.2 to 8.2 kg.

China Geese

  • The China geese are small sized.
  • They are very fertile species of geese
  • Its body is steep and beautiful.
  • They are very mercurial.
  • Its backrest is very short and wide.
  • Breast is rouletted.
  • Wings are long and strong. Their wings are tightly covered with body.
  • Head is medium sized and there is a big vesicle in its head.
  • The throat is very long like swan.
  • Leg is very short and strong. Huge space between two legs.
  • China geese are of two types. Totally white and brown gray colored.
  • Adult male and female geese weights between 4.6-5.6 to 3.6-4.1kg.

Sebastopol Geese

  • Sebastopol geese originated from Europe.
  • Its body is perpendicular.
  • The feather of its body is covered with spiraled and disarranged white feather.
  • They are medium sized.
  • They seems very large according to their weight.
  • They becomes very fleshy.
  • Its body is very thick and deep.
  • Legs are very strong and short.
  • Legs and feet are orange colored.
  • Eyes are bright blue colored.
  • Adult male and female geese weights between 6.4 and 5.5 kg.

American Gray Geese

  • American gray geese are medium sized.
  • Breast is wide and deep.
  • The feather from neck to tail is bow shaped.
  • The feather of the tail is flat and vertical.
  • The head is medium sized and egg shaped.
  • The neck of this geese is flat and vertical and always keep it straight while movement.
  • Feather of head is gray colored and it is extended to breast.
  • The body is slightly gray colored and its backrest and tail is white colored.
  • When this geese gain maturity they weights between 7.2 to 8.2 kg.

Gray Brakon Geese

  • This geese is medium sized and they are very fleshy.
  • Gray brakon geese originated from Britain.
  • This species of geese is known as very furtile and bouncing.
  • Its body is wide, breast is rouletted.
  • Wings are very big and strong.
  • Throat is very lustrous and long.
  • Its leg is very short.
  • Feather is closely fitting with its body.
  • The feather of both male and female geese is gray colored.
  • Eyes are thick brown colored.
  • Male and female geese weights between 8.2 to 7.2 kg.

Peel Geese

  • Peel geese originated from Britain.
  • Its breast is deep, thick and fleshy.
  • Wings are very long and very strong.
  • Body is slightly  perpendicular.
  • The medium sized head is egg shaped.
  • Feather is strong, bright and closely fitted with body.
  • Male geese is white colored, wings and backrest is marked with gray color.
  • Female geese head is mixed with white and gray color.
  • Neck and breast feather is white colored.
  • Lips are orange colored and the eyes are brown colored.
  • Feet and legs are orange colored.
  • Adult male and female geese weights between 6.4 to 5.9 kg.

Roman Geese

  • Roman geese originated from the Mediterranean area.
  • They are small sized.
  • They become bright white colored.
  • Its body is very beautiful, deep and rouletted.
  • They become very gentle in nature.
  • Meat is comparatively more than bone.
  • Throat is perpendicular.
  • Legs are very short.
  • Lips, legs and feet are orange colored.
  • Eyes are slightly blue.
  • An adult male Roman geese weights between 4.6 to 5.5 kg and a female geese weights between 5.5 to 6.4 kg.

Along with the above mentioned geese breeds, there are also numerous breeds available throughout the world. Among those, the above mentioned breeds are most common and very popular.

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