Pot-bellied Pig

The Pot-bellied pig is a smaller sized domestic breed. It was originated from Vietnam and is relatively smaller in size than the standard European or American farm pigs.

The breed is capable of interbreeding, because it is the same species as ordinary farmyard pigs and descended from wild boars. And most of the pot-bellied pigs have been crossed with various farm pig breeds.

According to a study in 2004, they have revealed extreme genetic diversity in indigenous Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs. And according to location of origin in Vietnam, those different breeds were also genetically different from each other.

Several pig breeds from developed countries were refined to a specific genetic make-up over centuries. This means a cross between any pig type and the Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs will result more diverse genetic material and the piglets will resemble the more specific pig imports.

And since the mid 1980s, the German Agriculture Ministry has been assisting Vietnam with it’s pork production by introducing large breeds of pigs into Vietnam.

The Vietnamese government has also begun to subsidize the local farmers who continue to keep the indigenous Pot-bellied pig, because the breed is neither as prolific nor as large as other pig breeds. Read more information about the breed below.

Pot-bellied Pig Characteristics

Pot-bellied pigs are considerably smaller in size than the standard European or American farm pig breeds. They are mainly black in color, but sometimes are also found in black with white markings.

Average height of the mature Pot-bellied pigs vary from 16 to 26 inches.

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And average live body weight of the mature animals vary from 43 to 136 kg. Photo and info from Wikipedia.


Along with general uses, the Pot-bellied pigs are also used as pets. Some people want to buy them because they are so cute when they are little, but then they get bigger gradually.

Special Notes

The Pot-bellied pig grow relatively faster. It become fertile at six months of age, usually long before they are completely physically mature.

Generally these animals are considered as fully grown by their six years of age (when the epiphyseal plates in the long bones of the legs finally close).

In case of raising the Pot-bellied pig as pets or if the owner does not wish to breed their animals, then many breeders recommend the spaying or neutering of both males and females at a very young age.

Doing so also help to reduce the aggression of males and females during estrus, as well as the risk of testicular cancer and uterine tumors. It is also good to trim their hooves and tusks.

However, review full breed profile of the Pot-bellied pig in the following chart.

Breed NamePot-bellied
Other NameVietnamese Pot-bellied
Special NotesWell adapted to almost all climates, good mothers, become fertile pretty earlier, good as pets
Breed SizeSmall
Boars45-100 kg
Sows43-90 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorMainly black, sometimes also black with some white markings
Country/Place of OriginVietnam

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