Feeding Pigs

Feeding pigs with quality feeds is the most important part of pig farming business. Because, your pigs will not grow well without quality feeding.

So, learning about what, when and how to feed the pigs will help you to grow your pigs big, keep them healthy and ensure faster growth.

Quality of pig meat also depends on the quality of their diet. A nutritious and balanced diet will help your pigs to produce very high quality meat.

First of all, start the young piglets off with a fortified dry food that meets their complex nutritional demands.

You can begin giving them a mixture of grains, fruits and vegetables as they get older.

You can also give them distilling mash, even kitchen scraps and leftovers from your own table.

Complete Guide for Feeding Pigs

You should always provide your pigs with good quality feeds whether you raise a few pigs or numerous commercially.

Quality feeding not only helps the pigs to grow faster, but also helps them to stay healthy. However, here we are describing more details about feeding pigs.

Choosing the Type of Feed

You should choose the type of feeds, depending on the age of your pigs. Different aged pigs have different food and nutritional demand.

So choose the right type of feeds depending on the age of your pigs. Here we are describing more about this.

Feeding the Piglets

You should start your piglets off with a well balanced pellet feed. Pellet feeds are considered as best for the piglets, because it comes in small and easily digestible pieces that are the perfect size for young pigs to munch on.

These types of pellet feeds are specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of the growing pigs.

The pellet feeds also generally contain a well balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals.

You can easily find such pellet feeds at any farm supply stores in or within your area.

Feeding the Growing Pigs

Growing pigs require especial feeds for proper growth. At this stage you can feed your pigs with some grains along with pellet feeds.

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You can wean them off pellet feed and switch them to natural grains, once your pigs get older and larger. This will make up the bulk of their nutritional demands.

Feeding the Mature Pigs

You can feed your mature pigs with a variety of wholesome grains. Rice, barley, corn and wheat are the common grains that most of the pig farmers use.

Most of these whole grains are high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can cause your pigs to put on fat rather than lean, healthy muscle.

So, supplementing regular grains with protein-rich offerings (such as alfalfa and soybeans) is a good idea.

Providing your pigs with cracked, rolled, soaked or otherwise processed grains will be good. Because such processed grains are easy to digest for the pigs.

Providing Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

You should give your pigs a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables help to keep your pigs healthy, just like humans.

Most of the fruits and vegetables are safe for the pigs that human consume.

Leafy vegetables are good for the pigs such as cabbage, lettuce, sweet potato vine, spinach etc. Some fruits are also good for them such as melons, bananas, apples, pears or other fruits.

Root crops are also good for feeding pigs. Sweet and colorful fruits and vegetables are good for the pigs, and it contains the highest concentrations of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Actually vegetables and fruits are the more nutrient-rich food than other types of foods. So, you can feed your pigs with as much fruits and vegetables as you can.

You can also supplement your pig’s diet with table scraps. Gather up any leftover fruits, vegetables, and grains from your kitchen and combine them in a large container.

The pigs actually will eat just anything, but that doesn’t mean that they should.

You should never feed your pigs with processed meat or cheese products. Also avoid feeding pigs overly sugary baked goods.

How Much to Feed Your Pigs

Determine how much food your pigs need to grow. Generally, a pig weighting around 30 lbs of body weight is roughly feed 7 lbs of feed.

And a fully grown pig can eat between 15 and 50 lbs of feed daily depending on the size of your breed.

You should provide some extra food to the pregnant and lactating pigs.

Use Feeder

You can use feeder for feeding pigs. There are actually many different types of feeders available in the market for feeding the pigs.

If you are raising a large number of pigs, then you can consider using automatic feeder for hassle free feeding.

Automatic feeders are good for feeding pigs, because it refill automatically and continually as the contents are depleted.

Feeding Frequency

You should feed your pigs at least once or if possible twice a day. But the piglets need to access feeds always.


Along with feeding the pigs with quality feeds, they also require access to sufficient amount of clean and fresh water.

So, keep one or several watering pots inside the farm, depending on the number of your pigs.

And always keep the watering pots filled with fresh and clean water. Good luck!

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