Best Guide For Keeping Wild Birds Out of Chicken Coop

Sometimes wild birds can disturb, harm or eat your chicken’s feed. So keeping wild birds out of chicken coop is very important. Generally scratch grains, chicken feed, fresh water etc. are attractive enticements to the wild and neighboring birds.

Because in the wild, those birds always search for foods and if they find any chances they will definitely use the opportunity. But you have to be careful about those birds because this types of wild and neighboring birds can bring avian diseases into your farm and may fight with your chickens.

Also, there are many wild birds which are very dangerous and can take your chicks as a tasty meal. Some birds may steal eggs from your coop.

So, it is very important to learn how to keep wild birds out of chicken coop and secure your flock from them. Here I am describing the common ways of keeping wild birds out of chicken coop.

Identify the Problem

Identify the main problems that the wild birds are causing before making better protection for your chickens. Try to observe the types of the wild birds. Are they tiny or large sized? Observe the activities of both of your chickens and wild birds before constructing a bird-proof chicken coop.

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You have to handle birds of prey, they are very dangerous and love to eat chickens. Doves or sparrows are another types of wild birds who enjoy eating your chicken’s feed. For keeping all types of wild birds out of your chicken coop take suitable species-tailored approach.

Feeding Birds

Chicken’s feed is very attractive for some wild birds. As a result, the feed will attract various types of wild birds to the coop. Never provide extra feeds than your chicken’s need and make sure not to leave large amounts of excess feed in the coop.

You can stop wild birds from coming into the coop for a meal by feeding smaller amounts of leftovers or vegetables. You can also feed your chickens in a specially designed feeder that requires them to actually operate it to access the feed.

If you want, you can feed the wild birds by keeping their feeders away from your chicken coop. They will enjoy the food without having to enter the coop. Observe your chicken coops for signs of building nest by the wild birds.

If the wild birds make any nest then take it apart and destroy it. Doing this will discourage nesting behavior and finally your chickens will be safe.

Birds of Prey

Birds of prey are very dangerous and generally they want to eat your cute chicks or chickens. Common and dangerous birds of prey for chickens are falcons and hawks. Crows are also one type of birds of prey.

Personally I have seen them eating chicks but they can’t harm the adults. Completely block the access of birds of prey for stopping their entrance inside the chicken coop.

You can use wood to block openings of your coops if there any. And you must have to reinforce the wire sides of the coop and ensure it is 100 percent enclosed.

Always lock the main door except feeding, watering, caring or egg collecting time. Allowing your chickens the freedom to enter and exit the coop as they desire is important. But it is more important to keep them safe.

Coop Construction

Make your chicken coop in such a way that it can prevent all types of wild birds. For stopping small birds coming inside your coops, first watch their movements very carefully and then add additional roofing or screens to the coop as needed.

A solidly constructed chicken coop can help you keeping all types of wild birds outside the coop. You can use drape netting over the coop if small birds try enter the coop through the holes in the wire fencing or windows.

And cover all entry points with netting and fasten it down to secure it. Setup such a covering or door that your chickens can push and open easily but smaller birds can’t do it and find difficult to move. Make this system only if your chickens have access to the outdoors through a door.

I think you have learned a lot about how to keep wild birds out of chicken coop. Keeping wild birds out of chicken coop is very important for keeping your chickens secure and free from avian diseases. Apply the process described above and have fun with your chickens.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I need a more secure coop and now I see where the small birds are coming in, just need to fix it.

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