Best Benefits of Backyard Hens You Should Know

There are numerous benefits of raising some hens on your backyard. Nowadays most of the people have discovered the benefits of raising a few laying hens for fresh eggs on their own backyard.

Raising some broiler chicken or roosters with your laying hens also give you fresh and wholesome meat supply.

Some Benefits of Backyard Hens

If you are planning to raise some hens too, you must know the main benefits of backyard hens. However, see the main benefits of backyard hens.


Most of the people raise some backyard hens for the purpose of producing some fresh and wholesome eggs for their daily family consumption.

The eggs that your backyard hens produce, are the best tasting and freshest you have ever had. Backyard hens produce more nutritious eggs than the commercial layer.

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And this eggs have three times more vitamin D, twice as much omega-3 fatty acids, one-third the cholesterol, two-thirds more vitamin A, seven times more beta-carotene and less saturated fat than the eggs you buy from store or commercial farm.

So your backyard hens produce healthier eggs for your consumption. And through proper care and management backyard hens produce more than the factory farm layer.

Waste Eliminators

Backyard hens are good waste eliminators. Probably you throw out the wast food. If you raise some hens, you can properly utilize this wasting food.

Your hens will happily eat all your waste foods and leftovers. Your backyard hens will not only eat scraps but also they will flourish on it. And they also make good fertilizer for your garden by consuming these waste food.

Pest Control

You can ensure a pest free area around your home by raising some hens on your backyard. Generally chickens love to eat bugs and various types of insects.

Chickens are not picky and they will consume almost all types of insects including slugs, garden snails, grasshoppers, crickets etc. Some chickens even eat mice and small sized snakes and rodents.

They also help you to weeding the garden before planting. And also help to clean up the garden in the autumn and make it fertile for next year as well. In short your hens will help you as your friends do.

Good Pets

Chickens are also good pets too and they are not highly expensive like cats or dogs. Chickens can be affectionate and you need to spend less time with them. It is also very entertaining, watching the activities of chickens.

You can raise a few chickens as pet by expending a little amount of money for their coop and feeding. Chickens grow quickly and you can expect egg production within their 4 to 6 months of age.

These are the main benefits of backyard hens. You will discover more when you have started raising some. Have a good day, God bless you!

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