Different Kinds of Roosters: Best 10 Breeds

There are different kinds of roosters available throughout the world. Generally roosters are raised and popular globally for their good quality meat production and for hatching eggs.

Hundreds of breeds exist and roosters of each breed has special characteristics and nature. Most of the people generally like to raise some roosters which have docile nature and friendly with humans.

Different Kinds of Roosters

Here we are describing about various types of roosters which are available and suitable for raising on your flock.

American Roosters

United States is the home to many roosters among the hundreds available breeds of roosters. They were developed in the USA, even some are named after their home states.

For example Iowa Blue, Barred Plymouth Rock, White Plymouth Rock, California Gray, Rhode Island Red, Delaware, New Hampshire etc. Among these breeds, Barred Plymouth Rock is one of the most historically grounded.

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The American Standard of Perfection first recognized the Barred Plymouth Rock as a distinct breed in 1874. They are well known and popular for their non-confrontational behavior. And Barred Plymouth Rock roosters are commonly used for backyard chicken raising.

European Roosters

There are many kinds of roosters which were developed in Europe. Altsteirers and Sulmtaler roosters are from two European countries Belgium and Austria.

East Frisian Gulls, Bergischer Long Crowers and some other roosters are from Germany. Frizzle Fowl, Old English Games and Marsh Daisies rooster breed were developed in the UK.

Among the European breeds, the Buff Orpington roosters are most common and popular breed. Buff Orpingtons also known as Golden Beauties in some places.

They are very popular around the world mostly for their quiet or docile nature and for their plump and juicy meat. Polish rooster is also another European rooster breed.

Rooster of Other Breeds

Along with the American and European roosters, there are many more roosters available which were developed from the various countries around the world. India, Canada, Chile, China and many more countries have their own rooster breeds.

Chinese Silkie is one of these breeds that is considered as a best medicinal food and it has already created a reputation. The meat of this breed help to protect against diseases like anemia and diabetes.

If you are raising some chickens & roosters in your backyard for long time, then you might see many more local breeds available in your area.

Hybrid Roosters

The roosters which are developed by crossing purebreds are known as hybrid roosters. There are several hybrid roosters available. More egg laying, durability in the cold weather, producing eggs at an earlier age, highly meat production etc. are the main purpose of hybrid chicken breeds.

Red Sex Link, Black Sex Link, cross of Rhode Island Red and Delaware Chickens, Cherry Eggers, Cinnamon Queens, cross of Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock Chicken etc. are well known hybrid rooster breeds.

I think you have got a better idea about various kinds of roosters breed. If you want to raise one or a few roosters in your flock, then choose the breed which produce more quality meat, quiet in nature, make less noise and very friendly with humans. Thank you!

Most Popular Roosters

Roosters come in a diverse array of breeds, each with its own unique characteristics, appearance, and purpose. Here we are trying to list different kinds of roosters, especially most common and top popular roosters and their roles in poultry farming.

1. Plymouth Rock Rooster

The Plymouth Rock rooster breed is known for its friendly disposition and striking appearance. Plymouth Rock roosters are usually white with black stripes or solid black with occasional red feathers.

They are excellent dual-purpose birds, meaning they are equally skilled at producing both meat and eggs. Their calm temperament makes them an ideal choice for backyard flocks.

2. Rhode Island Red Rooster

Rhode Island Reds are some of the most popular and recognized chicken breeds worldwide. Their deep mahogany-red feathers and confident disposition make them stand out in any flock.

Rhode Island Red hens are excellent egg producers and the roosters can be quite protective of their hens. They are known for their robust health and adaptability, making them a favorite among backyard enthusiasts.

3. Leghorn Rooster

Leghorns are famous for their pure white plumage and delicate, elegant appearance. While they might be overshadowed by their glamorous appearance, Leghorn roosters are excellent layers, producing large white eggs regularly.

They are known for their active and alert personalities, which can make them a bit flighty but also great foragers.

4. Silkie Rooster

Silkie roosters are the “fluffy” members of the poultry world. These birds are known for their soft, silky feathers that resemble fur, giving them a unique and endearing appearance.

While the Silkie hens are not known for their egg-laying prowess, they are valued for their broody nature, making them excellent parents when hatching chicks.

5. Bantam Rooster

Bantam roosters are the compact counterparts of their standard-sized brethren. These diminutive birds come in a variety of breeds, each with its own distinctive traits.

They may be tiny, but they are big on personality. Bantam roosters often make up for their size with their feisty, lively behavior. They are great choices for small backyards and are cherished for their ornamental qualities.

6. Polish Rooster

Polish roosters are known for their striking crests of feathers that resemble a stylish, feathered hat. These crests, known as “topknots,” can sometimes obstruct their vision, giving them an air of perpetual surprise.

Polish roosters are more ornamental than utilitarian, and their quirky appearance makes them a popular choice among poultry enthusiasts.

7. Game Rooster

Game roosters, descendants of wild jungle fowl, have a fierce reputation due to their history in cockfighting. While this practice is now illegal in many places, these birds have found a place in the poultry world for their striking plumage and strong, agile bodies. They are valued for their unique appearance and can be a challenging but rewarding breed to raise.

8. Cochin Rooster

Cochin roosters are known for their large, fluffy bodies and charming personalities. These birds have a docile and gentle temperament, making them great additions to family flocks.

Their abundant feathers can make them look almost comically oversized, but it’s all part of their charm. They are excellent broody hens and are often used to hatch and raise chicks of other breeds.

9. Sussex Rooster

Sussex roosters are known for their hardiness and adaptability. They come in various colors, including white, red, and speckled.

These birds are valued for their versatility as they are both good egg layers and meat producers. Sussex roosters are known for their friendly disposition and are often sought after for backyard flocks.

10. Orpington Rooster

Orpington roosters are renowned for their elegant appearance and calm demeanor. These birds have striking, fluffy plumage and come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, buff, and white.

Orpingtons are excellent dual-purpose birds, prized for their ability to produce meat and the hens are good for producing eggs. Their gentle nature makes them a favorite among families and small-scale farmers.

Related Queries & FAQs

There are lots of questions and queries related to different kids of roosters. Here we are trying to list the common questions and queries about different kids of roosters. Hope you will find answers of your questions or queries. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

What is a rooster?

A rooster is a male chicken, known for its distinctive crowing and often vibrant plumage.

How many different kinds of roosters are there?

There are numerous breeds of roosters, each with its own unique characteristics.

What are some common breeds of roosters?

Common breeds include Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Silkie, Bantam, Polish, Game, Cochin, Sussex, and Orpington.

Are all roosters the same color?

No, roosters come in various colors and patterns depending on their breed.

What is the purpose of keeping roosters?

Roosters are kept for breeding purposes, protection of the flock, and sometimes as ornamental birds.

Do roosters lay eggs?

No, roosters do not lay eggs; only hens (female chickens) do.

What is the role of a rooster in a flock?

Roosters protect the hens, fertilize eggs for breeding, and establish a pecking order within the flock.

Are all roosters noisy?

Most roosters crow, but noise levels can vary. Some breeds are quieter than others.

Can I keep multiple roosters together?

It’s possible, but they may become aggressive towards each other. Generally, it’s best to have one rooster per flock.

How can I identify a rooster from a hen as chicks?

Roosters typically have larger combs and wattles and may start developing spurs at a young age.

What are the most docile rooster breeds for families with children?

Breeds like Orpingtons, Cochins, and Sussex roosters are known for their gentle temperament.

Which rooster breeds are best for meat production?

Cornish Cross and Rhode Island Red roosters are popular for meat production.

What are the best egg-laying chicken breeds?

Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds are renowned for their egg-laying abilities.

How do I care for a rooster in terms of food and nutrition?

Roosters require a balanced diet of poultry feed, water, and access to grit for digestion.

Do roosters require different housing than hens?

Roosters can share the same coop as hens but need their separate space to roost.

How do I introduce a new rooster to an existing flock?

It’s best to introduce a new rooster slowly and under supervision to prevent aggression.

Are there roosters with special features, like feathered feet or crests?

Yes, some breeds like Silkies and Polish roosters have unique features like feathered feet and crests.

What is a bantam rooster?

Bantam roosters are miniaturized versions of standard rooster breeds, known for their smaller size.

Do roosters require any vaccinations or health care?

Roosters should receive routine vaccinations and regular health checks to ensure their well-being.

How long do roosters typically live?

Roosters can live anywhere from 5 to 10 years or more, depending on their breed and care.

Can you keep roosters in urban areas with noise restrictions?

Check local ordinances, as some areas have noise regulations that may limit rooster ownership.

Are there any legal restrictions on owning roosters?

Some areas have zoning laws or restrictions on rooster ownership, so it’s essential to check local regulations.

Can roosters coexist with other poultry, like ducks or turkeys?

Roosters can coexist with other poultry species, but it’s essential to manage their interactions.

What do you feed baby roosters, or chicks?

Baby roosters, like chicks, require a starter feed high in protein.

Can I keep roosters together with other males, like ducks or geese?

It’s possible to keep roosters with other males, but it depends on their compatibility and available space.

Are there rescue organizations for roosters in need of a new home?

Yes, some animal rescue organizations specialize in rehoming roosters and other poultry.

What should I consider before breeding chickens?

Breeding chickens should be selected for their health, genetics, and compatibility with hens.

Can roosters be trained or tamed?

Yes, roosters can be trained and tamed with patience and positive reinforcement.

Are there any health concerns specific to roosters?

Roosters may face health issues like respiratory infections, mites, and reproductive disorders.

Can roosters be shown at poultry exhibitions or fairs?

Yes, roosters can be shown in poultry exhibitions, and there are specific standards for judging their breed traits.

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