Keeping Goats As Pets For Milk

Keeping goats as pets and for milk production is absolutely a good idea. There are numerous goat breeds available throughout the world which are suitable for raising as pets.

As you know, goats are very smart, playful and they can make good companions. But in case of raising goats as pets, you have to keep at least two goats. Because goats can’t live happily alone, they are herd animals and need company of their own species.

Keeping Goats As Pets & For Milk

If you want to raise goats as pet and for milk production, then you must have to keep at least two goats together. Here we are describing more about keeping goats as pets and for milk production.

Goats As Pets

There are numerous goat breeds available for raising as pets. If your property is not large enough, then consider one of the best miniature dairy goats for raising.

Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy goats are perfect for this purpose. They are smaller in size, but good milk producing dairy goats.

Pygmy goats are easily handled, even the novice can also raise and take care of them easily. If you don’t have any problems with raising space, then you can choose any large sized dairy goat breeds.

Wether (castrated male goat) and does can make excellent pets. Bucks are not considered good as pets.

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Because they smell really very bad, always think about sex and some bucks become quite aggressive. Wether can be good as pets.

But as you want to raise goats as pet and for some fresh milk production for your family, so you should keep does.

Milk Production

In case of raising goats for milk production, you must have to breed your does regularly. Because does produce the most milk, right after kidding. So you must have to make plans for producing and caring kids.

Usually does give birth to 1 to 3 kids. After delivery, you can either allow the kids to nurse from their mom, or hand raise them on goat milk replacer.

Hand raising goat kids is quite tough and labor intensive. If you allow your does to nurse their babies, then there won’t be much milk left for your use.

If you need much milk or want to sell the milk, then you must have to hand raise the kids. But if you want only enough milk for your family use, then milk the does once a day.

Your does will nurse their babies with the rest milk. This system works well, if you have numerous does (at least more than one).

Some world famous and popular dairy goats are Saanen, Alpine, Nubian, Lamancha etc. There are some other dairy goats too which are suitable for raising as pets and for milk production.

Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy goats are also good milkers. They are smaller in size, easily handled and considered as the best miniature dairy goats.

Feeding & Caring

Having a pasture for your dairy goats is always good. So try to keep your goats in a pasture, if you have enough land with proper fencing. Although pasture is not a must for raising goats.

Your goats can produce their maximum, as long as you are providing them quality hay, grain, greens and a playing area. Milking does require grain, so try to provide them grains that is designed especially for milking does.

Along with adequate and quality feeding, always provide them sufficient amount of clean and fresh drinking water. Always try to take good care of your goats.

Vaccinate and deworm them timely. Goats also require other caring like washing, trimming hooves several times a year etc.

You might know, goats are playful and very intelligent, and they are considered as a good escape artist. So you have to make a good fence around your area.

Fencing also help you to maintain a good relationship with your surrounding property owners, by keeping your goats inside the fence.

Use strong wire fencing to keep your goats inside and harmful predators outside. Make a suitable shelter for them. Try to spend some time with your goats. Doing this will help to tame the goats and make them well behaved.

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