How To Tell If A Goat Is About to Give Birth?

If you are raising goats for a specific purpose, then you must have to be very careful during their breeding, kidding and gestation period.

It will also be better if you have proper knowledge about goat kidding and if you know how to tell if a goat is about to give birth.

You always have to take good care of your pregnant does. Supervise your does closely during the later stages of their gestation period.

You have to be present to assist your does, if they encounter any difficulties during this period. Consult with your nearest vet, if your does need any veterinary attention.

How to Tell if A Goat is About to Give Birth

It will be much easier to take care of your kidding does, if you know the signs of parturition. Here we are describing more about how to tell if a goat is about to give birth.

Release of Mucus

Usually the emergence of mucus is a big indication that your does are very close to giving birth of new kids. The mucus of the doe is usually white or yellow colored.

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Don’t brush the mucus off, if you notice the release of any mucus from their vulva. Release of mucus continuously is a clear indication of kidding very soon.

Udder Change

When the parturition is getting closer, you may notice udder shape has changed of your doe. It also a clear sign of very close kidding. The udders of your pregnant doe might appear bigger with glossy, pinkish tinges to them.

Usually during this period, their udders are filled with colostrum to feed their coming babies. Their nipples also might look hard and fluid packed.

Behavioral Change

You might notice some behavioral changes of your pregnant doe, when they are very close to give birth. You will be able to tell whether your doe is ready to give birth or not, if you can properly analyze her behavior during this period.

During this period, your doe might behave in a loving, amiable and more nervous manner around you. But sometimes some doe might act extremely irritably around other goats of your herd.

how to tell if a goat is about to give birth

Some doe also keep themselves separated from other goats of the herd, and act like she is contemplating something. You might notice absence of appetite. Don’t worry, it is natural and a major sign of parturition.


To determine whether your doe is about to give birth, perform a quick ligament check. It’s not hardy, very easy and a handy technique.

Find the tail foundation of your doe, and keep your hands on the ligaments. If the doe is not close to giving birth, she will feel markedly harder.

But the doe will feel extremely smooth and gentle to the touch, if she is really close to giving birth.


The does which are very close to giving birth, usually can’t seem to stay still for a second. They frequently change their position to get some relax.

Often they can’t make up their mind regarding whether they want to stand or recline. Sometimes you might also see your doe to excessively scraping the ground with their feet.

Extra Vocal

Your doe might be extra vocal than usual, if she is very close to give birth. Stay very close to the doe, if you notice she is constantly bleating. Because pregnant doe bleat when they are about to giving birth.

Designated Area

Pregnant does love to stay separated from the herd and want to have an own area. When kidding is very close, your does might seem very protective to their area. They don’t like any intruders to encroach on their territory.

These are the common signs when your does are going to give birth of new babies. Closely monitor your does during this period, and take good care of them.

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