Goose Breeds

There are many goose breeds available throughout the world. Some of these breeds are good for meat production, some are good for producing eggs.

And some breeds are raised for ornamental purposes, some are kept just as pets. But most of the birds are primarily used for meat production, as the geese produce less eggs compared to their meat production.

Goose meat is popular throughout the world, particularly popular in Germanic languages countries around Christmas.

The meat is also very popular in some other parts of the world. A few breeds have been developed for specific purposes. For example, a few specialized goose breeds have been developed for the main purpose of weed control (the Cotton Patch Goose for example), for goose fights and as guard birds.

And some breeds are also specialized in meat or egg production.

List of Goose Breeds

Different goose are usually grouped into Light, Medium and Heavy weight classes. Some breeds have developed for reaching marketing weight faster, while some breeds grow relatively slower.

Goose are commercially raised mainly for meat production, and sometimes also for feathers or other products. But in most cases, they are not raised commercially for egg production, mainly because of their low egg production.

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Here we have listed some popular goose breeds from around the world. Along with these breeds, there are also some other goose breeds available, with less population or with high availability.

Some of the breeds are about to extinct, while some are listed as threatened. Some breeds are standardized, and some are not. But we have listed here the most popular and most common breeds.

American BuffUnited States
Brecon BuffUnited Kingdom
Cotton PatchUnited States
FaroeseUnited Kingdom
PilgrimUnited Kingdom
SebastopolEastern Europe
West of EnglandUnited Kingdom

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