How to Make Roosters Get Along?

You don’t need to have a rooster in your flock for regular or maximum egg production. Your laying hens will just lay eggs if they become healthy and have all necessary facilities.

But you need a rooster if you want to produce fertilized eggs. You must have to keep one or few roosters in your flock for the purpose of a group of cute and flufy chicks.

Roosters also perform a very important role for protecting your flock from predators. As a result a well socialized rooster is very useful for the hens of your backyard flock. On the other hand one or numerous aggressive roosters can cause various types of problems.

How to Make Roosters Get Along

Sometimes you may need to keep roosters along for a certain period. However, here I am describing the steps on how to make roosters get along, follow these carefully.

Making Roosters Get Along

If a rooster does not want to get along, then it’s really impossible to get him along with other birds, animals or any living creatures. A rooster with rude and aggressive behavior can causes various types of problems in your flock.

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So it’s very important to manage his behavior. You can keep him separate or retrain for minimizing the amount of problems it crates. But if the rooster is not willing then simply you can’t force it to behave perfectly.

Keep the roosters completely separate from the other birds or animals and sent them to a new home. This will keep other birds and animals safe. And add them to the flock again if you notice any changes in their nature and behavior.

Young Roosters

If you socialize your roosters from their early age, then they will surely be good behaved. They will also perform better in the social setting of your chicken coop and outside run.

During the early age of your young roosters, spend some good time with them and try to make them tame and friendly. Ensure that, the rooster of your flock is spending plenty of time with your laying hens.

If you plan for keeping numerous roosters in your flock, ensure that every rooster is spending some time with other roosters. Properly socialized roosters usually do not fight with other roosters.

Be very conscious while adding new roosters with your existing flock. Usually newly brought roosters have no prior experience of dealing with your other chickens. So, before adding them to an existing flock, keep them in a separate place for a certain period and make it socialize.

Other Factors

Remove the roosters from your flock permanently, if they become truly aggressive and dangerous for your hens or other birds. You can also make a separate place for your roosters so that can can’t cause any harm to your hens and other birds or animals.

You can easily make a separate room for your roosters inside the chicken coop. After keeping a rooster separated from your flock for a certain period of time, you can reintroduce them if you notice any changes in their behavior.

Some roosters naturally become aggressive in nature and some are of friendly and gentle behaved. So, it will be better if you learn more about the characteristics of various chicken breed and choose a quiet, gentle and good behaved breed.

Sometimes roosters can be territorial, especially if you don’t provide them all the necessary supplies. Ensure availability of sufficient amount of healthy and nutritious food, adequate room, proper number of hens and sufficient numbers of nesting boxes inside your chicken coop.

You also have to keep multiple hens for each rooster. Because if you don’t keep multiple hens for each rooster, then they may aggressive and even fight over hens.

In case of numerous roosters in your flock, they may behave aggressively with their competitor for the purpose of using your resources. Roosters are more likely to get along in a free range system than if they are confined to a coop.

Because in free range chicken keeping system, your roosters get more place and resources. This is also very helpful for making your roosters get along. However, take good care of your birds and try to provide them all types of necessary facilities.

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