Best Cattle Housing Guide For Beginners

Living place or house of cattle is simply known as cattle housing. Good housing is required for raising cattle. Because suitable housing is needed for keeping the cattle safe from storm, rain, sun, hot temperature, excessive cold climate and other adverse weather conditions.

The cattle also need to be kept inside the house if you have not sufficient amount of grazing place. So you must have to make a good house for your animals.

You can make cattle housing or mini dairy farm by using proper plan and your local available facilities. This will ensure more profit by investing little capital. Do the followings while making house for your cattle.

  • The selected place for housing will be higher than other places surrounding the house, so that you can easily remove rain water and other materials.
  • Soil of the selected place will be fertile and enriched with sand and must have to be dry always.
  • Ensure the entrance of sufficient air and light inside the house. Because sunlight helps to dry the house and help to prevent germs or virus.
  • South faced houses are very comfortable for the cattle.
  • It will be better if the houses are not surrounded by many trees.
  • Don’t let the house to damp anyhow.
  • Make a proper drainage system inside the cattle house, so that you can easily remove excreta and trash. Excreta and trash are suitable place for mosquito, flies and other parasites or virus and your cattle can get affected by various types of diseases easily.
  • You can make a simple cattle house by using bamboo pillar, straw and roof of leaves.
  • You can also make the house by using tree pillar and with a roof of tin. In this system, you have to make a ceiling under the roof to keep the cattle free from hot temperature.
  • It will be better, if the houses are surrounded by bamboo or net fence made with strong wire.
  • Keep 5 squire miter space per cattle inside the house.
  • Keep a separate place for rearing calf.
  • Don’t make the floor of the house smooth.
  • Always clean the floor and never make it slippery.
  • Make the house in such a way so that it become a safe and suitable living place for the cattle.
  • The height of the house will be about 9 to 10 feet.
  • Always keep sufficient amount of drinking water inside the cattle housing system.
  • Keep some free space inside the house for freely movement of the animals.
  • Try to keep the house dry, neat and clean always.
  • Keep the excreta and trash of cattle in a separate place, slightly far from their house. These materials can be used as fertilizer in the crop field.
  • Make proper supply of fresh and clean water inside the cattle housing system. Also ensure a good water source for washing the cattle, house, equipment etc.

Cattle Housing Construction

Cattle house are made depending on weather condition, geographical position and economic condition. Cattle housing design varies from region to region.

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So there are no proper cattle housing design which are appropriate for rearing cattle worldwide. Farmers of different countries make different types of cattle house which are suitable for them.

On an average cattle house are of two types. Open housing method and fixed cattle housing method.

Open Housing Method

In open cattle housing method, cattle are kept inside the house for whole day except milking and delivery time. But in adverse weather conditions like storm, rain, hot or cold, they are moved to a safe place.

A cattle needs about 3.5 to 7 squire meter place in open cattle housing method. This type of houses are suitable for big sized calf and non milk productive cattle. Almost all types of animal can be kept in this house.

Open housing is suitable for all locations throughout the world. But the design of the house can be different depending on the excessive hot or cold areas.

Fixed Housing Method

In this method the cattle are tied up with rope and the rope obstructed with a pillar. Feeding and milking process done in the same place. Try to clean the house regularly and make the house in such a way which is very comfortable for the cattle. Fixed cattle house are of two types. One row and two row cattle house.

  • One Row Cattle House: This type of houses are suitable for little number of cattle. Make the house according to the number of your cattle. A cattle needs about 165 cm standing place, 105 cm side place and 75 cm feeding pot. Make partition with iron pipe to separate the cattle from one to another. The partition pipe needs to be 90 cm long and 45 cm in height.
  • Two Row Cattle House: This type of houses are suitable for commercial cattle farming business. The animals can be kept in both face to face and opposite to each other system. In face to face system, cattle are kept in two rows faces to each other. Food pot are kept between the two cattle row. In this system the cattle need about 5.5 feet standing place and 3.5 feet place in side. In opposite to each other method, cattle are kept in two rows. Their mouth faces to outside. Keep about 4 feet place between the two row. In this method each cattle will require about 5.5 feet place.

Keep the cattle house dry and clean always. Remove the excreta from house frequently. Do this at least twice a day. If the house become unhealthy and damping, then the cattle will get affected by various types of diseases easily.

So it will be better if you make concrete floor inside the cattle housing system. Don’t make the floor slippery. Make a drainage system inside the house to clean the house properly.

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