Alabio Duck Farming

Commercial Alabio duck farming is popular in some South Asian countries, especially in Indonesia. This breed is very popular in Indonesia and also highly populated in South Kalimantan. The breed is locally known as Itik Alabio.

The Alabio duck is considered to be a result of cross breeding of Indonesian local ducks and Pekin duck. And the breed was named ‘Alabio’ by Saleh Puspo, and the sub-district they were reared in is known as Alabio.

The Alabio duck is a very good dual-purpose breed, and is suitable for both meat and eggs production. The breed is easily identified by their brown color with white spots and a line pattern around the eyes.

However as a good utility bird, commercial Alabio duck farming business for both meat and eggs will be very profitable. You can make good profit from Alabio duck farming business, if you can do everything perfectly.

How to Start Alabio Duck Farming Business

Starting commercial or small scale Alabio duck farming business is relatively very easy. Because these ducks are very strong and hardy and they generally require less care and other management.

Here we are trying to describe more information about Alabio duck farming business from purchasing ducks to caring and marketing.

Purchase Ducks

First of all, try to purchase very good quality, healthy and disease free ducks from any of your nearest poultry market or existing Alabio duck farms. The Alabio ducks are very common in some South Asian countries.

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So you will probably be able to easily purchase the birds. You can also search your local online classified websites.


Although the Alabio ducks do very well in confinement, but they require good housing facilities with plenty of space inside the house for better results. A good housing system not only helps the birds to stay healthy, but also helps them to stay free from all types of predators and adverse weather conditions.

Try to make the house in such a way so that you can easily clean the house. Install good ventilation system and ensure flow of sufficient air and light inside the house. On average, a mature Alabio duck will require about 4-5 square feet housing space.


Feeding the birds with very good quality and nutritious food is the most important part of Alabio duck farming business. So always try to feed your ducks with enough good and nutritious food.

The Alabio ducks are good foragers, and they will take most of their diet from foraging if you allow them to roam freely. But for commercial production purpose, you can feed your birds with ready-made/commercial duck feeds or poultry feeds.

Always try to provide your ducks with enough clean and fresh water as per their demand. And never feed your ducks with polluted or contaminated feeds.


The Alabio ducks are naturally very good breeders. And they will breed easily if you keep good ratio of male and female ducks.

On average one male duck is enough for breeding around or up to 10 female ducks. And keeping such ratio of male and female ducks will produce enough fertile eggs for hatching.


The Alabio ducks are very strong and hardy birds and they generally require less caring and other management. Although, taking additional care will help the birds to grow better.

The Alabio ducks love swimming, so arrange sufficient amount of clean water for them. They are very long-lived birds with an average lifespan of about 8 years (but they can sometimes live up to 12 years depending on the breed).

The ducks generally lay up to 200 eggs per year and they tend to go broody. Their meat is also of very good quality.


Marketing Alabio duck’s meat and eggs is not a problem. Because both meat and eggs of these ducks have very good demand and value in the market. So you will probably be able to sell the products in your local market. Although you should set your marketing strategies before starting Alabio duck farming business.

These are the common steps and ways for starting and operating a successful Alabio duck farming business. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!

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