Mrigal Fish

Mrigal fish is a fish of river like Rui and Katla of south Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Thailand Philippine etc. It is a freshwater fish. The Mrigal fishes are a carp fish species, and very suitable for commercial farming in pond. They are very fast growing fish species. Physical characteristics, classification, food habit and breeding of Mrigal fishes are described below.

Scientific Classification

  • Kingdom          :       Animalia
  • Phylum            :       Chordata
  • Class               :       Actinopteryggi
  • Order                :       Cypriniformes
  • Family              :       Cyprinidae
  • Genus              :       Cirrhinus
  • Species           :       C. cirrhosus
  •  Scientific Name       :       Cirrhinus cirrhosus

Physical Characteristics
Physical characteristics of Mrigal fish are listed below.
mrigal fish, mrigal fish pictures

  • The body of Mrigal fishes are longish.
  • The lower parts of their body is about straight lengthwise.
  • Upper lip is curved to down.
  • Mrigal fishes have dorsal, pectoral, pelvic, anal and caudal fin in their body.
  • They has a pair of trunk.
  • Back side is gray colored.
  • Two side and lower parts of their body is silver colored.
  • Mrigal fish’s average body length is about 1 miter.
  • An adult Mrigal fish can weights about 8-9 kg.

Mrigal fish lives in the lower level of water. And consume basal feed. They eat small insects, organic particles, decomposed organic element etc. from the basal level of water or inside the clay.

Mrigal fishes usually gain maturity at their 2 years of age. A female Mrigal contains about 0.1-0.5 millions of eggs. They lays eggs within April to June in the river. They don’t lay eggs in the bound water. The minnow of Mrigal fish can be produced artificially in the hatchery.


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