Tauernsheck Goat

The Tauernsheck goat is a dairy goat breed used mainly for milk production. The breed is from Austria, and derived from the Austrian Landrace and Pinzgauer goat breeds.

Austrian farmers started breeding the Tauernsheck goat in the late 1800s. A herdbook has existed since 1967. The breed was mostly bred in the valley of Rauris, and in the area around the Grossglockner. It is a very rare breed today.

The Austrian Government found 20 breeders with around 200 animals in 1994, and since then the number of this breed has increased. Read more information about this goat breed below.

Tauernsheck Goat Characteristics

The Tauernsheck goat is a medium-large sized animal. It was bred in black and brown, like the Swiss Oberhasli.

But the Tauernsheck goat has to have a white line in the face and at least two or more big white spots on the sides, that should not break the line on the back. Both bucks and does have horns. Their legs should be brown and black.

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Average body weight of the Tauernsheck buck is about 60-80 kg, and the does weight about 50-70 kg. Photo from Wikipedia & info from ansi.okstate.edu


The Tauernsheck goat is a dairy goat breed. And it is mainly used for milk production.

Special Considerations

The Tauernsheck goats are very strong, active and healthy animals. The adult bucks are known for their fighting.

Tauernsheck goats usually live long, and they are well adapted to the Alps. They spend their summertime in the Alps. They stay in their herd and enjoy the grass, fresh air and peace high up in the mountains.

The Tauernsheck does kid once a year with either a single or more usually twins. The does are usually exceptional mothers. They are excellent milk producers too. Their milk is of very high quality. Review full breed profile of this breed in the following table.

Breed NameTauernsheck
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMilk
Breed SizeMedium-Large
BuckAbout 60-80 kg
DoeAbout 50-70 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorBlack & Brown with white line
Good for Stall FedNot Sure
Country/Place of OriginAustria

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