Best 8 Advantages of Quail Farming Business

Quail rearing is becoming very popular day by day because there are many advantages of quail farming. Quail farming can be an affordable way to generate some extra income.

Quail farming is a low cost, very easy and high profit business. You can even start raising quails in your backyard, garden or even on rooftop.

Quail products (eggs and meat) have high demand in the market. So there are nothing to worry about marketing the products. However, here we are describing more about the top advantages of quail farming.

Advantages of Quail Farming

Top benefits of quail rearing business are mentioned below.

Easy to Raise

Quails are very smaller sized birds and they are very easy to raise. They need less care and management, and thus very easy to care for them.

Self-sustaining Business

Quail farming is a self-sustainable business opportunity, and this is the most attractive part of raising quails.

Quails generally reach maturity within their 6 weeks of age. And they start laying eggs from their 6 weeks of age.

So you can start selling a portion of the eggs and get a quick return on your initial investment.

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You can consider keeping some fertile eggs for hatching. And you can start doubling or tripling your production figures if you raise the birds in the right environment.

Low Maintenance

Quails generally don’t require high maintenance. They are smaller sized birds and they don’t need too much space for moving around.

Although regular maintenance is they key to success in quail farming business.

Quails Require Less Food

Quails generally require very less amount of food as compared to other domestic poultry birds. And feeding quails won’t add massive costs to your quail farming business planning.

Quails will be good and healthy and can thrive on a special mixture of corn, wheat etc. You can also feed your birds with commercial chicken feed.

Quails also love other grains, leaves and insects. Quails can also be feed on weeds from the garden.

Quails Are Hardy and Disease Resistant Bird

Quails are very hardy birds. And unlike many other poultry birds or farm animals, they don’t get sick easily and they hardly require special care.

They are also disease resistant birds. Although ensure you have a reliable veterinary specialist in your contact list.

Quail Products Are Healthy and Delicious

Both quail eggs and meat are of very high quality, nutritious and delicious also.

And both meat and eggs are gaining popularity quickly because they provide important minerals and vitamins.

High Demand

Quail products have very high demand in the market. Quail eggs and meat are very low in fat and high in protein.

And both are gaining popularity fast. It is believed that, quail products can help with the treatment of diseases like liver disease, diabetes, hypertension, tuberculosis etc. Price of both meat and eggs is also good.


Along with the above advantages of quail farming, it is also entertaining. You can have some good time with your birds.

These are the top advantages of quail farming. If you are planning for staring a quail farming business, then this guide will help you:)

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