Polish Helmet Pigeon

The Polish Helmet pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon. As the name suggests, the breed is from Poland and it is specifically a type of Helmet pigeon.

The breed has been developed over many years of selective breeding. It is also known by some other names such as Polish Krymka Tumbler and Polish: Krymka Polska.

The breed is named for the ‘helmet‘ of color on the top of it’s head.

Currently the breed is very common in Poland and also available in some other countries around the world. Read some more information about the Polish Helmet pigeon breed below.

Polish Helmet Pigeon Appearance

Polish Helmet pigeon is an average sized breed with very beautiful appearance.

It is distinctive on account of its “Muffs” (large foot feathers), and is colored only on the top half of its head (the “helmet”) and on its tail.

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The head and the tail are the only parts of it’s body that have color. And the rest of the body is pure white.

Like many other domestic pigeon breeds, the Polish Helmet pigeon has a ‘muff’ or long feathers at it’s feet.

This bird also has a small and delicate crest on it’s head, much like the Nun pigeon. Photo from Wikipedia.


Polish Helmet pigeon is a popular breed in Poland. It is used for exhibition or show purpose. But the breed is good for ornamental purpose and also good for raising as pets.

Special Notes

The Polish Helmet pigeon is a pretty hardy and active breed of domestic pigeon. It is a very popular breed in it’s native area, where it is raised mainly for exhibition or show purpose.

These birds are very beautiful and very good for ornamental purpose. They are also pretty good for raising as pets. However, review full breed profile of this breed in the following chart.

Breed NamePolish Helmet
Other NamePolish Krymka Tumbler and Polish: Krymka Polska
Breed PurposeShow, ornamental, pets
Special NotesBeautiful, very hardy and active, excellent for show, good for raising as pets, also good for ornamental purpose
Breed ClassAverage
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Flying AbilityGood
As PetsGood
ColorWhite body with colored head and tail
Country/Place of OriginPoland

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