Pigmy Pouter Pigeon

The Pigmy Pouter pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon from United Kingdom. It is actually from England and was developed over many years of selective breeding. This breed along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the rock pigeon.

Actually almost every domestic animal breed seems to have a miniature version, and the pigeon is no exception. The Pigmy Pouter is the miniature version of the original English Pouter pigeon.

But the Pigmy Pouter is not nearly as popular as it’s regular or large version. But the breed still has a dedicated fan base. And it is understandable when you see such an odd and delicate little bird.

But despite the name, these birds are not significantly shorter than the Brunner, standing at less than 12 inches tall. It maintain the proud, eager-to-show-off English Pouter personality.

But the breed is much easier to work with than the full-sized version. Noted British poultry breeder Sir John Sebright (who later bred the Sebright Bantam) is believed to have first bred the Pigmy Pouter, though the issue is debatable. However, read some more information about the Pigmy Pouter pigeon breed below.

Pigmy Pouter Pigeon Appearance

Pigmy Pouter pigeon is a relatively smaller sized breed than the regular English Pouter pigeon. It retain the elegant, slim-leged, erect stance as well as the large, round inflatable crop or globe that is marked with a bright white crescent.

These birds have fine, narrow and proportional head. They have a long and slim waist and they stand tall, stretchy and upright. They walk with elasticity of movement and also with their limbs close together.

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They have very alert eyes, which can be bull or colored. They have small and fine wattle. Their back is long and narrow and the neck is proportionately long.

Wings of the Pigmy Pouter pigeon are narrow, tucked close to body, and taper into thin webbed flights.

Their tail is short and very narrow which is carried off the ground. Their globe is round and proportionately large and it abruptly emerges from the waist.

The breed is available in brown bar, blue bar, mealy bar, khaki bar, silver bar, black, brown, cream bar, red ash, dun, khaki, yellow ash, white and A.O.C.

Average body height of the mature birds is less than 12 inches. And their mature body weight is around 350 grams. Photo and info from RightPet and Wikipedia.


The Pigmy Pouter pigeon is raised mainly as an ornamental or show breed. Some people also raise these birds as pets.

Special Notes

The Pigmy Pouter pigeon is very beautiful in appearance. It is a truly charming breed, and seems to possess the same desire to strut and show off as any other pouter pigeon.

These birds generally become very fond of their keeper. And a single bird will usually try to win plenty of attention of it’s owner.

The breed can be a more reliable breeder than it’s bigger cousin, despite it’s pride in it’s good looks. This birds have wonderful personality combined with their compact body size.

Along with raising for show or ornamental purposes, the breed is also very good for raising as pets. It is a pretty long lived bird like other breeds of domestic pigeon, and it’s average lifespan is about 7-10 years.

However, review full breed profile of the Pigmy Pouter pigeon in the following chart.

Breed NamePigmy Pouter
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeShow, ornamental, pets
Special NotesBeautiful birds, very hardy and active, truly charming, usually become very fond of their keeper, wonderful personality, long lived, good for show, good for ornamental purpose, good for raising as pets
Breed ClassSmall
WeightAround 350 grams
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Flying AbilityGood
As PetsGood
Country/Place of OriginUnited Kingdom

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