Dragoon Pigeon

The Dragoon pigeon is a very old breed of domestic fancy pigeon from United Kingdom. It was developed over many years of selective breeding.

And the breed was once the most popular breed of pigeon kept in the United Kingdom. This breed and other varieties of domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the wild or feral rock pigeon.

It was one of the pigeon breeds which was used in the development of the Racing Homer pigeon. The Dragoon pigeon has many similarities in look to the Indian Gola pigeon, but the Gola has more mottled wings. Read some more information about this breed below.

Dragoon Pigeon Appearance

Dragoon pigeon is a medium sized bird which carries itself quite boldly and erectly. Body of these birds is of medium length with a broad and wedge shaped head.

Their breast is broad and full. The beak is stout and quite blunt. The eyes are large and prominent, and are of blood-red colored and the ceres are small and finely laced.

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Neck of the Dragoon pigeon is medium sized and widen from the head to body, no gullet is present. Breast of these birds is broad and full.

Their wings are powerful with the short flights resting on the tail. And the tail is close fitting and carried above the ground.

Their legs are short with stout and muscular thighs. The breed comes in many color varieties, which are black, blue bars, blue checks, red checks, grizzles, mealy, cream bars, silver checks, silver bars, red, yellow, yellow checks and white. But the most common colors are white, blue-bar, dun, red, yellow and blue check.


The Dragoon pigeon is a breed if fancy pigeon. It is mainly raised for exhibition purpose.

Special Notes

The Dragoon pigeon appears to be an alert and watchful bird. It is active and usually of very good behavior. It was once the most popular pigeon breed kept in the United Kingdom.

These birds are excellent parents and can rear many young over their lifetimes. Along with being bred for show or exhibition purpose, the breed is also very good for raising as pets.

However, review full breed profile of the Dragoon pigeon in the following chart.

Breed NameDragoon
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeExhibition, pets
Special NotesBeautiful, alert, active, watchful bird, good behavior, excellent parents and can rear many young over their lifetimes, good for show, good for raising as pets
Breed ClassAverage
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Flying AbilityGood
As PetsGood
ColorMany, but common colors are white, blue-bar, dun, red, yellow and blue check
Country/Place of OriginUnited Kingdom

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  1. Hi my name is Kevin. I’m interested in getting some dragon pigeons I did get some from Tom barnhart but it turns out both birds he sent me are cock birds. And he said he doesn’t have any hens available. I’m really trying to get a hen if possible do you know anyone that might have one. I would appreciate it thank you very much. Kevin

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