Pandharpuri Buffalo

The Pandharpuri buffalo is a breed of water buffalo originated from India. It is native to the dry regions of Kolhapur, Solapur, Sangli and Satara districts of Maharashtra, India.

It is known to have been kept for more than 150 years in the breeding tract. It is named from the town Pandharpur in Solapur, and also known as Dharwari.

The Pandharpuri buffalo is dairy buffalo breed and raised mainly for milk production. It had royal patronage from Kolhapur for supply of fresh milk to the wrestlers of Kolhapur.

These animals are also famous for their better reproductive ability, producing a calf every 12-13 months. However, read some more information about the Pandharpuri buffalo below.

Pandharpuri Buffalo Physical Characteristics

The Pandharpuri buffaloes are medium sized animals. They are easily identified by their long, sword shaped and sometimes twisted horns.

The horns measure from 45 to 50 cm and also up to 1-1.5 meter of length. In case of coloration, the majority of the animal are black with white markings found on the forehead, legs and switch of tail. Udder of the females is compact, trough shaped with cylindrical teats.

The head of the Pandharpuri buffalo is long, narrow with prominent nasal bone and the ears are horizontal.

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Average live body weight of these animals is between 450 and 470 kg. Photo and info from and Wikipedia.


The Pandharpuri buffalo is a dairy buffalo breed. It is raised mainly for milk production.

Special Notes

The Pandharpuri buffaloes are very hardy and strong animals. They are well adapted to the dry regions of Maharashtra.

The average minimum and maximum humidity of their breeding tract is between 43 to 87 percent. and the average minimum and maximum temperature is between 9°C to 42°C.

The Pandharpuri buffalo breed is famous for it’s high reproductive ability, producing a calf every 12-13 months.

The females can produce 6-7 liters of milk daily under average management condition and hot-dry climate. But they are reported to produce up to 15 liters of milk daily under good management.

Average lactation length is 350 days. However, review full breed profile of the Pandharpuri buffalo in the following table.

Breed NamePandharpuri
Other NameDharwari
Breed PurposeMilk
Special NotesVery strong and hardy animals, well adapted to the dry regions of Maharashtra, famous for it’s high reproductive ability, produce a calf after 12-13 months, can produce 6-7 liters of milk daily
Breed SizeMedium
BullsAround 470 kg
CowsAround 450 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Country/Place of OriginIndia

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