Ossabaw Island Pig

The Ossabaw Island pig is a critical breed of pig derived from a population of feral pigs on Ossabow Island, Georgia, United States.

It is also called Ossabaw Island and the original Ossabaw Island pigs are descended from the pigs released on the island in the 16th century by Spanish explorers.

The Spanish explorers explored the coast of the Americas in the 16th century. And they left livestock such as pigs on the islands as a source of future food. And this was the origin of the Ossabaw Island pig.

Total population of those feral pig population remained isolated on Ossabaw over the following hundreds of years.

A breeding population has been established on American farms off the island, but they remain a critically endangered variety of pig.

Currently total number of the breed is very less and it is listed as ‘Critical’. Read more information about the breed below.

Ossabaw Island Pig Characteristics

Ossabaw Island pig is relatively a small sized animal, and it appears in a wide range of colors. But it’s most common coloration is black and a spotted variety.

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Compared to other pig breeds, this breed additionally has long snouts, upright ears and a heavy coat of bristles. Average body height of the mature animal is less than 51 cm.

Average live body weight of the mature Ossabaw Island boar is less than 90 kg, and the sows are also almost same in weight. Photo and info from Wikipedia.

Special Notes

The Ossabaw Island pig is a relatively active animal and pretty hardy. It is excellent forager and good for extensive pig farming system.

The breed is noted to be intelligent and friendly in terms of temperament. It is well adapted to the local climates, and it has also adapted to the high salt diets and minimal availability of fresh water on the island.

Meat of the Ossabaw Island pig is dark with a unique texture, and the meat is prized for resembling the jamón ibérico of the black Iberian pig.

It is considered to be artisanal, heritage product especially well-suited to use in pork, cured meats, and whole pig roasts. Review full breed profile of this breed in the following chart.

Breed NameOssabaw Island
Other NameOssabaw Island Hog
Special NotesWell adapted to native climates, relatively active, pretty hardy, excellent foragers, very good for extensive system, very intelligent, friendly, good temperament
Breed SizeSmall
BoarsUnder 90 kg
SowsUnder 90 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
ColorAppears in a wide range of colors, but most common coloration is black and a spotted variety
Country/Place of OriginUnited States

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