Newcastle Disease

Among all the contagious poultry diseases newcastle disease is most harmful. This disease attack the poultry all over the world. Baby chicken affect much than adult chicken by newcastle disease. This diseases first identified in Newcastle of England. From then it is known as newcastle disease. Later this disease was found in a place of our sub continent named “Ranikhet”. From then it is known as ranikhet in our sub continent.

Newcastle disease affect the poultry birds for a virus named newcastle disease virus (NDV). This disease affect much in winter and spring season. The material out-flowed from the breathing system of affected bird mix with air, food and water. Healthy bird affect through this material.
Symptoms of Newcastle Disease

  • Newcastle disease affected chicken leaves the group and take shelter in the corner of poultry house.
  • It always stay in dozing condition.
  • Healthy bird suddenly jump high and make a sound then die.
  • Affected bird suffers by byspnoea.
  • The bird may paralyzed.
  • Mucus flow from nose.
  • The closet of affected chicken looks like white lime.
  • The color of the closet sometimes become green, yellow or white.
  • Laying hen lay less eggs. Sometime stops laying.
  • The eyes become swelled.
  • Lobe and head crest become blackish.
  • The egg of the newcastle disease affected bird become thin shelled, soft and distorted.
  • Neck can be curved and the head always traverses.
  • The affected bird moves slowly.
  • The closet become very unsavory and mixed with the tail feather.
  • If newcastle disease affect much, the bird die suddenly.
Defense Method
There are no easy treatment for this disease. The farmer should have to be conscious for preventing newcastle disease. Vaccination is the only method to prevent this disease. If the farmer vaccinate his chicken regularly then the chicken will be free from newcastle disease. This vaccine can be found in all govt. and private animal hospital. The vaccine of this disease are of two types which are described below.
This vaccine is for baby chicken. This vaccine should apply 4 to 6 day aged baby chicken. Disease prevention power of this vaccine works up to two month. The vaccine of the ampoule should mixed well with 6cc distilled water. Then apply it one whit per chicken on its one eye at the age of 7 days and apply another whit to the other eye of the chicken at the age of 21 days. Per 100 chicken 1 ampoule vaccine is suitable.
This vaccine is applicable for the chicken aged more than two month. This vaccine should provide after every four month. Mix the vaccine of the ampoule with 100 cc distilled water. Mix it in a cold, dry and shadow place and apply to chicken as fast as possible. Apply it to the runs of chicken through injection at the rate of 1cc per chicken. Sun light damages the power of this poultry vaccines. So, mix it very carefully.
There is no remedy of this disease. Proper care, management and timely vaccination can prevent this disease.
  • Separate the affected bird from the healthy one for treatment.
  • Don’t through the dead body of affected bird here and there.
  • The dead bird should burn with fire or keep it under the soil.
  • Vaccinate the bird before the disease season.
  • Potassium mixed water can be feed to the both affected and healthy chicken. This will make good result.
  • Feed the chicken timshen mixed (1 gram per 16 litter) water for five days.


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