Modern Farming

Modern farming means farming with the help of new and advanced techniques and technology. That means farming with the facilities of modern science and technologies. Using science and technologies in farming increase total productions.

Farming is the cultivation of domestic animals, fish, birds, plants, crop etc. for the purpose of food, cloth and other products essential for sustain life. Farming is playing a vital role in the development of human civilization.

Before industrial revolution most of the people labored in farming all over the world. Most of those people used to farming for their family needs of food, cloth etc.

modern farming, modern agriculture

They had no target of world marketplace and produce very low due to using traditional farming methods. But now the development of agriculture and farming technology has greatly increased the farming productivity. And the farmers are now able to buy and sell their products in the world markets.

In the early 20th century by using synthetic nitrogen with pesticides, mechanization and mined rock phosphate the crop production has greatly increased and it bought green revolution in rice, wheat, corn etc. production.

In the past the farmers use plough to dig the soil. But now farmer use modern equipment like multi facilities tractor to dig the soil. In past farmer were dependent on natural condition and fertilizers and produce very low production.

But now the farmers use synthetic fertilizers, high productive breeds, pesticides, proper water contamination, mechanization and farm subsiders which greatly increased the farming productivity. The population around the world is increasing rapidly.

More people needs more products like food, cloth etc. which depends on farming production. So, we need more production in farming which is not possible in traditional farming. So, modern farming is a must to get more production according to rapid population growth.

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