Digestive System Of Chicken

The systems which are related to eating food, digesting, exploitation and leaving closet is generally known as the digestive system of chicken.

Chicken digestive system is very simple. Digestive system starts form buccal cavity and ends to cloaca.

Digestive System Of Chicken

Introduction of different parts of digestive system of chicken are described below.


Mouth of chicken is situated between the free space of two lips on the front side of chicken head. Chicken has no teeth or jaw and there is about no saliva in their buccal cavity. They collect feed with their two lips and consume it.

Buccal Cavity

chicken digestive system, digestive system of chicken

Big hole inside the mouth is known as buccal cavity. There is a fleshy tongue in the buccal cavity of chicken.


The last part of buccal cavity is known as pharynx. The pharynx of chicken is not so obvious.


Oesophagus starts form the pharynx and ends to trunk. After consuming feed, the feed goes to trunk through this duct.


There is a wide, thick and globular like bag part in the last part of oesophagus which is known as crop. Consumed feed gather here and the feed become soft. This soft food then go to stomach.


The forward part of crop is proventriculus. It also known as true stomach. Gastric juice spread form inside which helps to digest the feed.

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