Keeping Geese

The geese are very beautiful birds with many different color variants available. Keeping geese is not a new idea and many farmers are raising them with their other farm animals.

Actually, keeping some geese in your farm/property can be a soothing and entertaining experience.

Some people prefer keeping geese in their property for decoration purpose. Geese actually enhance the beauty of a farm or property.

Some people also prefer keeping geese for their other exceptional abilities, they act as burglar alarms.

Geese are actually wonderful birds. They require relatively low maintenance compared to some other domestic poultry birds.

Most of the geese breeds can care for themselves. So, keeping geese is very easy and at the same time it is very enjoyable.

Guide for Keeping Geese

Geese are raised for many different purposes. They produce delicious large eggs and very good quality premium meat.

They are often kept for decoration purpose and some people also raise geese as pets. However, here we are describing more information about keeping geese.

Build a Shelter

First of all build a good house or shelter for your geese. A good and comfortable house keeps the geese safe and they can stay there during night and adverse conditions.

You need to build a good house for them even if you are planning for keeping them in free range system.

Choose Breeds

There are many different types of geese breeds available. These different breeds are different in size, coloration and temperament.

Geese are actually grouped in three types which are light, medium and heavy. You have to choose the right breed for you depending on your needs.

Consider wisely before choosing geese breeds. The large or heavy geese breeds generally lay less number of eggs, while the light or medium sized breeds lay more eggs. Some good and popular heavy geese breeds are White Emden and Toulouse.

The American Buff is a very good medium sized geese breed. These birds lay moderate number of eggs, and they are actually very good for meat production. They are relatively calm and docile in temperament and are well suited in a small farm.

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If you prefer keeping light geese, then there are many breeds to choose from. Some popular and good light geese breeds are Pilgrim, Chinese, Saddleback etc.

Light breeds actually lay more eggs as compared to medium and heavy geese breeds. For example, the Chinese Geese can lay about 60 eggs per year. The light breeds are also very good for meat production.

Purchase the Birds

After choosing the right breed, you need to purchase the birds. You can purchase geese from any of your nearest geese breeder or from any pet supply store.

You can also search online for availability in your area. You can buy two geese and one gander for meat production purpose.

But if you want to produce eggs, then you can purchase as many geese as you want. And then bring the geese home.

Feeding & Caring for the Geese

You need to take good care of your geese after bringing them home. Feed the geese immediately after bringing them home.

Keep their house ready prior to bringing them home. Your geese will be very happy as long as they have fresh water, grit, grass and grains. Geese actually like to roam freely.

So, it will be better if you can raise them in free range system. Keep the geese confined for several days after purchasing. This will make them get used to with their new environments and surroundings.

Clean the House

Your geese will feel comfortable if you can manage a clean environment for them for living. So, clean their house regularly (for example, once a week).

Provide Your Geese With a Water Source

Geese love to stay in water and it will be good for them if they have a constant access to a water source. A natural pond or artificial water source will be good for them.

These are the common steps for keeping geese. If you want to keep your geese happy, then ensure a good and clean house for them. Give them adequate nutritious feeds and ensure a great place for them with constant access to water and that’s all. Good luck!

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