Keeping Chickens Cool in Hot Weather

Complete Guide for Keeping Chickens Cool in Hot Weather

Chickens may lose weight and experience low egg production if you can’t keep chickens cool in hot weather. Temperature plays a very important role in chicken’s production.

Extreme heat suddenly, result huge change in average production. In some cases they may even die. This can causes a huge lose in your business.

So, for better production, adjustment of temperature is very important. Before starting, make some simple adjustments and make suitable temperature management system in your chicken house.

This will help you to keep your chickens safe, comfortable and productive throughout the summer season. Here we are describing some simple methods that will help you for keeping chickens cool in hot weather.


Keeping fans inside the house, helps the chicken to stay cool. Number of fans depends on your house size and the density of the chickens. For good results, always try to keep adequate numbers of fan.

keeping chickens cool in hot weather, how to keep chickens cool in hot weather

Evaporative coolers, or fans with water pumps that spay water particles, work well in enclosed coops. This types of equipment help to low the humidity and keep your birds cool.

For controlling temperature in larger sized house, make proper ventilation systems along with keeping sufficient number of fans.


In summer season, never feed your chickens such foods that requires a lot of energy to digest. Because this types of food make the chicken hot while digesting.

So, never feed your chickens highly starch feed such as corn and scratch. Instead feed them more fruit like cantaloupe, watermelon etc. during summer season. To make up lost of nutrients, you can add electrolyte tablets to their water.


In case of free range farming systems, make a suitable shelter for your chickens. It will give them a staying place to escape from the rays of the sun. It is not necessary to make the shelter large or fancy.

You can make numerous shelters spreading your farm area with low cost or used materials. A simple coop with four walls and a roof can provide necessary shelter for your chickens.

Never let the sun to shine directly inside the shelter. Keep the shelter south faced for avoiding direct sun shine. Floor doesn’t matter. A dirt floor can work well for your chickens as they like to scratch for bugs and roll in dust to stay cool.


Always keep sufficient amount of fresh and cool water inside the house. Water is very important for both production of meat and eggs. And the major parts of an egg is made by water.

So, it is very necessary to hydrated the hens all time. Change water every day and clean the pot. If possible add electrolyte tablets with water to fulfill the lack of nutrients.

Signs of Heat Stress in Chickens

Always observe your chickens deeply for signs of heat stress. Generally panting, spread wings, lethargy and closed eyes are signs of heat stress.

Decreasing appetite, egg production, loosing weight etc. also may be signs of heat stress due to excessive heat. However, excessive hot temperature is very dangerous for the chickens.

And it directly or indirectly make unexpected results in total production. So, apply the above methods and always try to produce maximum by keeping chickens cool in hot weather.

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