Jining Grey Goat Breed Information

The Jining Grey goat is a breed of domestic goat used for it’s kid pelt and cashmere fiber production. The breed is actually from the Shandong Province of China. The Jining Grey goat noted for it’s attractive wavy patterns of it’s kid pelt. And the kid pelt is the traditional commodity in international markets.

Jining Grey Goat Characteristics
Jining Grey goat is a small sized animal and have small body. Their coat color patterns vary between black, white or black and white. Both bucks and does have horn and carry a forelock. As a small sized animal, average body weight of the Jining Grey buck is about 33.2 kg. And the does weight about 25.4 kg on average. Photo from Via Rural Uruguay.
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Jining Grey goats are mainly used for their attractive wavy patterns kid pelt and cashmere fiber production.

Special Considerations

Jining Grey goat is very hardy and active goat breed. They are raised in temperate areas with abundant feed. They are fast maturing animal and reach maturity at their 3 to 4 months of age. They are very prolific and many does give birth of kids twice a year, or three kidding in two years. The Jining Grey goats are also used for some cashmere production. Bucks will produce about 50 to 150 grams with cashmere fiber being 18 to 30 percent of the total fleece. And the does produce less, from 25 to 50 grams with cashmere fiber being 16 to 20 percent of the total fleece. The fiber diameter averages 13.0 microns in both bucks and does. Review full breed profile of the Jining Grey goat breed in the following chart.

Jining Grey Goat | Breed Profile

Breed Name Jining Grey
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Mainly kept for kid pelt and cashmere fiber production.
Breed Size Small


Buck About 33.2 kg
Doe About 25.4 kg
Horns Yes
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Coat Color Black, White or Black and White
Good for Stall Fed Not sure
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin China

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