Murrel Fish Farming

Currently snakehead or murrel fish farming is not too popular. But popularity of the murrel fish farming business is increasing gradually.

Commercial culture of snakehead or murrel fish is popular in India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines.

Murrel fish is actually one of the most popular freshwater fish species. It is very tasty, nutritious and has very high demand and value in the market.

So commercial production of murrel fish can be a great way for making some extra cash.

Murrel fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Regular consumption is very good for health. That’s why murrel fish is generally sold at a very high price in the market.

Especially, the murrel fish has high demand and high market value in India. So, stating commercial production of murrel fish in India can be a great way for earning some extras. And with good fish management practices, murrel fish farming business has huge potential of high returns.

How to Start Murrel Fish Farming

Starting murrel fish farming business or for family consumption is not too difficult. You can easily start murrel fish farming even in a small pond. Here we are describing everything about starting murrel fish farming business.

Site Selection

You don’t have to be picky for selecting site for starting murrel fish farming business. Actually the murrel fish can be raised almost anywhere. But selecting a good site with full sun and it will be better if the site is free from pollution and noise.

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Pond Construction & Size

You don’t have to think much about the size of pond for raising murrel fish. And you can actually start murrel fish farming business in any pond, even in a smaller 500-1000 gallon tanks.

All types of ponds or water bodies such as earthen pond, concrete pond or plastic tank all are suitable for starting murrel fish farming business.

Pond Preparation

The murrel fish is fed on external feeds. So, you don’t have to do many things for preparing the pond. Just sterilizing the pond and filling it with fresh water will be enough for murrel fish farming.

Seed Collection

Commercial murrel fish farming is not common yet due to inadequate seed availability. If you are willing to raise murrel fish, then you have to collect the seeds from rivers, reservoirs, perennial tanks and other water bodies.

You can expect maximum seed availability in the month of May to August. And current demand for murrel fish seed is met by wild collections.

Rearing the Fingerlings

Due to the extra support of air breathing organs of the murrel fish, you can stock in high density or overcrowding stocking. But stocking around 20,000 to 25,000 fingerlings per acre will be good.

You don’t have to raise the fingerlings in a nursery pond. Rather you can directly stock the fingerlings into the main pond.


The fingerlings or fry are fed on finely chopped trash fish. You have to adjust the feeding rate by observing the behavior of the fish during the feeding time. You can purchase low cost trash fish for feeding your murrel fish, and this will save you a lot of money.


You can use fishing nets for collecting the murrel fish from pond when they gain at least 500 grams body weight. Although you can harvest at any time when the fish reach your desired size.


Generally, live and fresh murrel fishes are sold in the market. Send the fish to market immediately after harvesting for better price. Murrel fish is typically sold at a very high price in the market.

These are the steps for commercial murrel fish farming. The raising period ranges from 7 to 10 months depending on the types. And if you feed properly, then you can expect 700-1000 grams body weight within this period. So we can say commercial murrel fish farming is definitely very profitable. Good luck & may God bless you!

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