Serama Chicken Characteristics & Breed Information

Serama chicken is an ornamental breed originating in the Kelantan state of Malaysia within the last 50 years. The breed is also known as Ayam Serama and Malaysian Serama. It is the smallest chicken breed in the world, weighting less than 500 grams. It is a true bantam chicken breed and is not standardized yet. Serama chicken was created through the crossing of Japanese bantams and some local Malaysian bantams. And it was named after the Thai King Raja Sri Rama. Because of its proud carriage; it carries itself erect, with an upright tail and protruding breast.

Serama chicken is a true bantam breed, which means there are no standard version of this breed. After the development of this breed, it has always been popular as pets and also very popular as an ornamental chicken breed. They are not only popular in it’s native place but also very popular throughout the world. The breed was first admitted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 2011. Review characteristics, behavior, temperament and full breed profile of Serama chicken below.

Serama Chicken Physical Characteristics

Serama chicken is very upright little bird, and it’s breast is high and pushed upwards with the wings almost touching the ground. Because of their such appearance, they are described as brave warriors and archangel chickens in Malaysia. Their body is short, and well muscled with breast carried high, full and forward. They have fairly large wings in proportion to their body size. Their shoulders are set high. The tail of Serama chicken is full and carried high, pointing upwards and held close to the body. There are little or no space between their body and tail. The head is small and carried well back.
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Serama chickens have red colored single comb. They have red wattles and the earlobes are red or red white mix. Their legs are of medium to long length. The legs are straight and set wide apart to allow for full and muscular body. Serama chicken can appear in almost any color. They are not color bred in Malaysia, so there is no standard for this. It is the smallest chicken breed in the world. Typically weight under 500 grams. But even smaller birds are available in it’s native area Malaysia under 250 grams. But the size alone does not define a Serama chicken. A small chicken without the Serama type appearance is not a Serama, but just another small bantam chicken. Photo from Wikipedia.


Serama chicken is very friendly and docile. It loves to be with people and make excellent house pets. And it is one of the most popular pets in America. The crow of cockerel’s is very much quieter than most other large breeds. But the cockerels can be aggressive and should not be kept together for avoiding fighting. Serama chickens grow quickly and reach maturity at 16-18 weeks. The hens are all year round egg layers and lay smaller light brown eggs and tend to go broody. They are pretty hardy, although they came from tropical areas. But they require special care and may need to be protected from very cold temperatures. Usually, Serama chicken moult continuously and lose a few feathers everyday. Today the Serama chicken is very popular as pets and as an ornamental breed. The average lifespan of Serama chicken is 7 years, with some living as long as 10 years. Review full breed profile of Serama chicken below.

Serama Chicken  | Breed Profile

Breed Name Serama
Other Name Also Called Ayam Serama and Malaysian Serama
Breed Purpose Ornamental
Breed Temperament Friendly, Easily Handled, Bears Confinement Well, Docile, Quiet
Breed Size Bantam
Broodiness Frequent
Comb Single
Climate Tolerance Heat
Egg Color Light Brown
Egg Size Small
Egg Productivity Low
Feathered Legs No
Rarity Common
Varieties Serama is not a color breed in Malaysia. So there is no standard fro this. And the breed can appear in almost any color.
Country of Origin Malaysia

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